how do most of you now feel about the military?

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  • slimboyfat
    Maybe I'd feel different if I lived in a small country with a defence force that was not used for aggressive wars. As it is I live in a post-imperialist country that makes its way in the world by helping the current superpower terrorise and murder around the world. The result being we have to live with weapons of mass destruction on our doorstep and terrorists seeking revenge on our streets. And people have the cheek to tell me I'm somehow selfish and short-sighted if I don't support it.
  • new boy
    new boy

    Sorry guys

    The Jws have got this one right.

    I didn't go to Viet Nam and don't wish I did. Over a million South and North Viet Nam people, men women and children died in the war. Over 55,000 Americans died in that undeclared war also.

    How many Americans really died in that war who knows. Because many came back and took a gun to the heads. Which happen to five guys who went to my high school alone, Not one of my class mates died in the war but 5 guys came back and killed themselves!

    And why did they do that? Because on some level they didn't like watching or killing the men women and children themselves. Big surprise! Maybe this is why we have so much PTS now.

    So just why did all this people have to die?

    So Viet Nam would not become Communistic? NO! They did and way!

    They died for our save our "freedom" NO!

    Viet Nam being Communistic has NOT affected this country's freedom one bit!

    So we don't like counties to become Communistic because that would effect "our freedom" bull shit. Well, if that is true why didn't this country invade Cuba? They are just 90 miles away.

    So you tell me, what did they died for? This is a simple one.

    That's right, NOTHING!

    There is only one thing that is more stupid then people who sent their children to war! The stupid children that go!

    Yes, my friends the Jehovah's Witnesses got this one right!

  • stillin

    Vietnam Nam is a good example of a wrongful war. People are still asking what it was about!

    Bush's incursion into Iraq, looking for WMD's was also wrongful. I would have hoped that by now things could be settled by adults in a non-violent manner. Murder is wrong. People on both sides, thinking that they are fighting for a good "cause." It's pathetic.

    that bing said, some wars need to be fought just to keep order. Life is mean to all of us. I appreciate the sacrifice that men and women give for their countries.

    On a personal level, it is an opportunity for people to learn discipline and respect, sadly lacking in the public sector.

  • Doctor Who
    Doctor Who

    Personally, I couldn't ever join the military. I do see a use for it in this world though. I really can't accept the idea of killing someone. Just not in my nature. Self defense is one thing, but being your way! I also couldn't accept one of my children doing so. But, and this is a big but! I would respect that decision if they would chose to do so. After being in a high control group for so many years, I can't allow my own personal opinions to trump that of someone else.

    As for women serving side by side with men in a combat zone? When bullets start whirling around your head, I don't see a difference if the person next to me is a woman, white, black, gay, long as they got my back, I am good...

  • sowhatnow


    you said: BTW - If your are a MAM, get off your ass, if you can't do basic pt and run 2 miles you are going to be useless and special "A-2" fertilizer.

    I dont know what a MAM is, or a pt, but whatever it is, no, I cant run 500 ft without probably falling over, lol, id probably have a heart attack.

    Im going on 54 yrs old I was a career housewife for 34yrs, Im not an Olympic athlete . Im now divorced and living alone working and using every ounce of energy I have to pay the rent, when you have little help, its much harder.

    so I guess when the law ? comes to round up all the people who aren't doing whatever,? Ill be taken along with the millions? of other 'useless' people?. to be put in all these secret camps that are supposedly being built to house people for whatever reason?

    but like some people , Im not about to also become so fearful that I start carrying a gun around, and make plans to hide out in the forest. this is the same mentality that Jw's have come to have, an us and them mentality.

    if someone wants you dead bad enough, they'll find a way.

    has anyone ever watch 'the corporation'? how about zeitgeist? well what do we make of all that? yes weak sick sheeple so many of us have all become, victims of the medical system, the addictive food system, the toxins and to what end for so few elite that will also die of old age , i have no idea,lol

    but wow how much longer we do live, and how many more opportunities we have if we are lucky enough to have a leg up. so there is good and bad, and we all live only so long to do anything anyway, so why worry of we don't have to.

    From my personal limited research, most wars were not started the way history books portray them. There is always a hidden selfish agenda behind a war. In my opinion, there is no way a government who has something at stake, would sit by and take so long to act when there is huge amount of people being killed, from either bombing or ethnic cleansing, or religious fighting. the UN and govts often sit on their hands, tiptoe around, do little , they give speeches in the news they analyze for months to pacify the curiosity of the masses. When they really want something done they do it. now however globalization complicates things to the 1000th degree, its often beyond any single governments reach to act and not unfortunately have casualties. ignorance and misinformation is the key to such error in thinking, which is why someday, if all the world is on line, perhaps, people will act more slowly, having more info at their fingertips. education is key to survival. Then I wonder if the reason why the US is so far behind in education, dumbing down our educational requirements, is why our people are falling behind and becoming more paranoid and anti government they are kept ignorant.

    Thats why I read magazines like Foreign Affairs, pacific standard, the Atlantic, and alternet and politico, and listen to NPR. I try to have a rounded understanding of just how complicated things are and try not to get upset like some of my elderly family do, lol

    sure things are complicated when your dealing with many different cultures and mindsets, bored lost, unemployed, lonely , sex deprived, brainwashed young extremists from every walk of life, all convinced that someone is their enemy.

    But as everyone knows, when you try to do too much, you fall apart. focus on your own family first, and then the whole family as a unit, can help someone else.

    when one mother [country] tries to have too many kids, [political/ commercial affairs] and is spread so thin, its her own children who in the end suffer from neglect.

    When your a parent and you enable unwanted behavior, without offering information, education, and an insisting on a sensible solution, it just gets worse if you dont pull out and force the adult child to survive on its own. we all have to push the bird out of the nest so to speak.

    The term homeless vet should be something that was never spoken. all the unemployment surely can be surely be helped if those darn government agencies would stop sitting on their hands, and hire more people to process info,avoid improper use of funds, and fix the ancient computer system, which some very smart high school nerds can probably do, lol, and get those deserving vets their benefits they were promised, we wouldn't have homeless vets, and families. instead of waiting on a 'list' to be put in public housing there are thousands upon thousands of vacant properties sitting in limbo , for no other reason than a backlog of paperwork, that any homeless vet and his family, could certainly be placed in immediately.

    Every one here has made an observation that has truth to it. that's what makes the world go around. we cant all have it one way, the Ferris wheel of life would cease to move.

    yes soldiers go to war, or on a peace keeping mission, their intention is honorable, they truly believe they are helping people, and many times they truly are. That's why so many villagers love the US soldiers, they look at them as protectors. But sadly, some end up coming home with life changing injuries, only to be told they have no income, loose their homes and often families cannot mentally cope, because those soldiers are so mentally damaged. the term debriefing, is a telling one.

    And so time goes by waiting for people to do the best they can with what knowledge they have.

  • cofty

    War is regrettable but sometimes people who wish us harm have to be killed.

    I have the greatest respect for the military forces of western democracies.

  • LoveUniHateExams

    After I first faded, I thought the military was a necessary evil.

    Now, with the rise of ISIS and international terrorism, I think the military is great and essential. Anyone who thinks otherwise is living in a world of make-believe.

    We may have to have armed police and the army on the streets of the UK in the future if ISIS make good on their threat to go through with terror plots.

    I hope the military/armed police shoot the lot before they can cause any damage.

    I'm fine with women in the military.

    I wouldn't enlist - I don't think I'm brave enough.

  • theliberator

    I see the Middle Kingdom between Heaven and Earth
    Like the Chinese call the country of their birth
    We all figure that our homes are set above
    Other people than the ones we know and love
    In every place with a name
    They play the same territorial game
    Hiding behind the lines
    Sending up warning signs

    The whole wide world
    An endless universe
    Yet we keep looking through
    The eyeglass in reverse
    Don't feed the people
    But we feed the machines
    Can't really feel
    What international means
    In different circles, we keep holding our ground
    In different circles, we keep spinning round and round

    We see so many tribes overrun and undermined
    While their invaders dream of lands they've left behind
    Better people...better food...and better beer...
    Why move around the world when Eden was so near?
    The bosses get talking so tough
    And if that wasn't evil enough
    We get the drunken and passionate pride
    Of the citizens along for the ride

    They shoot without shame
    In the name of a piece of dirt
    For a change of accent
    Or the color of your shirt
    Better the pride that resides
    In a citizen of the world
    Than the pride that divides
    When a colorful rag is unfurled

  • RetiredLE


    Apologies for abbreviations; - "BTW - If your are a MAM, (Military Age Male -obviously not you or most here) get off your ass, if you can't do basic pt (Physical Training) and run 2 miles you are going to be useless and special "A-2" fertilizer.(Reference to Anthony Morris II talk on you and I , post Armageddon ,burying of the supposed dead billions,"A-2" fertilizer. Attempt at humor but highlighting the GB's mind set and desire to 'self create' this agenda .)

    To the others (Beautiful people, victimized by WT )who are awake/awakening and not 'sheep dogs', we will need your prayer, shelter and support for what really lies ahead." (I don't expect many to understand the 'sheep dog' analogy, as who we are, any more than I can understand that a gay person 'is' gay.)

    Anyone who's been in combat know's this truism; Y'know what I think? Don't really matter what I think. ........Once that first bullet goes past your head, politics and all that (*JW) shit just goes right out the window.. (*edited : )

    "Wars", as commonly defined here, are typically useless, but if you drill down to the individual person, defending his friends, family, his brother/sister next to him, Perhaps you can begin to understand the ingrained sense of honor and duty of those who are born to or become your Defenders.

    I hope that I am dead wrong about the future, however. we've awoken to TATT, now I invite you to take a serious look at History. (Not J.W's version) Read the news, look at the technology, see the politics and polarization of peoples, put the pieces together. I believe you'll see that we are, most likely, on the brink of another End of an Age, whether it fits our 'comfort zone' or not. What you do know, how you prepare, can and will make a difference for future generations. Your children and grandchildren.

    Any 'sheep dogs' will have resonating in their psyche...."Rescue the weak and the needy, deliver them from the hand of the wicked" PS 82:4.

    I honor these....past, present, future...

  • mrquik
    Interesting question. Although I believe in paying back Caesar's things to Caesar, I have the utmost respect to those that served.

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