Signs That Armageddon is "Any Day Now"

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  • Nevuela

    My "anointed" roommate told me a good one today.

    As we were discussing psychotropic medications, she brought up a friend of hers who was recently forced off of "benzodiazepine" (there is no one drug by this name; rather, it is a specific classification of drug). She claimed that many people are being forced off of the medication(s) due to "concerns over side effects," and that her friend is suffering from withdrawal on top of whatever symptoms the drug was previously helping to control (she didn't elaborate and I didn't feel comfortable asking, sorry).

    My roommate then went on record to say (I'm paraphrasing here) "This is why Armageddon has to happen very soon, because Satan is using this system to make all these people suffer psychologically to drive them into the streets and go crazy. It's going to be complete chaos!"

    So...what have YOU been told is a sign that Armageddon is practically upon us?

  • Hadriel

    This sort of thing just makes me sad. At the meeting today I couldn't help but think how utterly controlled and manipulated everyone was. I genuinely felt bad for them. This is a prime example. You mix in things like the "bunker" video and you have this sort of reaction.

  • supernerdboy
    OP, I got the same kind of thing. Docs dont want to prescribe stims for my high level of ADHD, because they are worried it will effect my Bi-polar, but they would have no issue giving me an SSRI which is known to make people go manic. But I am not looking forward to the bigA where all ADD people die because they are not "Close enough" to god. :-) Funny, all the time I went out in service and no body wanted to go to the door with me much. Lots of side effect, lots of zeal but never studied for the meetings. Yet nobody in any of the congregations I went to told me that I should get a docter to R/O ADHD.
  • Finkelstein

    So Satan from ancient mythology is the cause for people today to have physiological problems, that guy sure gets a bum rap !

  • steve2

    These juveniles proclaim, "The Devil's making people do it." Both funny and sad at same time.

  • Da.Furious

    The thing i don't understand is how they come up with the theory of Armageddon coming any time! If they read the bible it clearly says that the Great Tribulation will come first, of which during this time the religion will be taken down followed by JWs. After all this Armageddon will come. Did i miss anything, unless we are in the great tribulation.

    It is simple!

  • The Searcher
    The Searcher

    A few days ago I asked someone from my former congregation a question on this very topic. (someone with whom I have discussed everything I know regarding TTATT)

    Despite agreeing with - or more usually being unable to deny what I'm saying - he takes the view that the org's "worldwide brotherhood" is the best there is! :(

    Me: The org has prophesied for 140 years that the end is coming 'soon'. How soon is 'soon' to you?

    Him: Well, the end is 140 years nearer now, and the fact that China is rapidly progressing to become the No.1 world power proves that the end must be very close now, because we know that the Anglo-American world power is the last one - as depicted by the statue in the book of Daniel.


  • tiki

    Your poor friend is quite ignorant, sorry to say....big corporate pharmaceuticals are pushing more and more drugs on the naive public. Its all a money game. Yes, there are some out there that have hideous side effects....not making big money matters more than some poor guy suffering from it all.

  • DJS


    You do know that your friend is a nut job, don't you? Even by dub standards, which are so low that you would need a shovel to find them.

    Dubs can take most any event or issue and use it is 'proof' the Big A is imminent. Wars and genocides? The bible predicted them just before the Big A. Critical times hard to deal with? Yep, same. Peace and security? Yep, those too.

    Find another roommate. You know what they say: "Insanity Rules."

  • Vidiot
    Nevuela - "...what have YOU been told is a sign that Armageddon is practically upon us?"

    Simon Cowell joined the judges' panel on America's Got Talent. :smirk:

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