If My Dad Were To See The Watchtower Org Now

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  • FedUpJW

    Before she died two years ago my mother said if JW's in the forties had been what they were now (2016-2017) she would NEVER have become one. My father who only recently passed, after an entire adult life spent in positions from old time congregation servant up to the upper echelons of district oversight, said shortly before he died, "I have quit giving any money to the WT. They do not practice what they preach anymore. The new breed are hypocrites with their electronic gadgets, TVs in the kingdom hall and always begging for money!"

  • Still Totally ADD
    Still Totally ADD

    My father died in 2009. I am sure he is rolling in his grave over what the wt. has become. Dead for almost 10 years if he could come back now he would not recongized it. They would most likely df him for believing old teachings and its been only 10 years! Still Totally ADD

  • zeb

    I wouldlike CTR and Rutherfors brought back to confront the monster they had created..

  • Simon
    Even many JWs who have a lot of doubts based on all the changes they've seen won't get out.
    They've invested their lives in the borg and don't want to admit to themselves it was a waste

    The WTS is the epitome of "sunk cost". It seems like you either get out soon or you don't get out at all. Once you go past a certain point it becomes harder and harder to leave (probably "scarier") so people put up with the religion morphing into something that isn't what they signed up for.

    Someone has to make the break - in our case, we did it for our kids and we're glad we did.

  • smiddy3

    All of us here on this board can see the transformation of belief and practice over the last 5,10,15.20. years or more and we are out .

    You can pull the wool over my eyes once ,maybe even twice , but not thrice.

  • pale.emperor

    I was still in (and an 80% believer) when they stopped the ministry school. No more talks from the platform for pale.emperor. I genuinely enjoyed giving talks and studying a subject. When that ended it didn't make sense. The elders were acting all excited and upbeat about it as if it was a wonderful change but you could tell they were putting it on. Even they didn't understand the change.

    As for those that've been in for decades, I can totally understand why they'd prefer the safety of not confronting their doubts. Where else would they go? It is worth losing friends you've had 30+ years? Is it worth losing your children, brothers, sisters or parents? The propaganda in the literature and videos always show ex-members as bitter, selfish and dangerous.

  • steve2

    Sometimes you have to be a great distance away from something to clearly see the changing patterns - like noticing features on the ground when you’re in an aircraft flying high above the ground. Similarly, when people are so closely involved in their daily routines, they don’t always see things right in front of them in perspective - but once they get some distance from it, they notice things they had “missed” before.

  • Butyoucanneverleave

    Is there no more ministry school?

  • Vidiot
    Ding - "...They've invested their lives in the borg..."

    Oddly enough, that realization helped me Out at one point.

    I looked at myself honestly, and grasped that even though I hadn't done the "bare minimum", I still had never truly invested my life in the Org.

  • blisterfeet

    I’ve thought about going back to “study” just to try to understand how they are teaching people this nonsense now. It is not the same religion I grew up in.. it makes me sick to my stomach how people still buy into it. My father is a smart man but he got got.... it’s disgusting.

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