I bought Alexa and she said not to attend the afternoon of the Assembly Day

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  • RubaDub

    I really like my Alexa. A little creepy at first, but quite interesting.

    I asked her if I should attend the Assembly Day on Saturday.

    She said "In your case, just go in the morning, walk around, see everyone, then at lunch walk to your car while talking on your cell phone. Then just leave. There is nothing you haven't already heard in the afternoon."

    She is very clever. I strongly recommend her.

    Rub a Dub

  • Perry

    Are you sure that wasn't your conscience?

  • joe134cd

    In the latter stages of my awakening, for about the last 6 RC I did just that. Sit in an area that was away from people or relatives who knew me well enough to know I wasn’t there. Take my bag leave it on a seat, to make it look I was on the toilet or doing duties. As soon as the program started I would be in my car driving off to return just before lunch started. Mix mingle during the intermissions and off again. I must of done this for 6 years and no one ever suspected a thing.

  • blondie

    Or take her and irritate the hell of the other attenders as you ask her questions and she answers.

  • LV101

    No way -- that's hilarious. I have an Alexa and I unplugged and threw in the garage due to all the spy/paranoid talk. If she knows all about the cult I'll plug it back in. I wasn't too impressed with the music on Alexa when I'd request top pop/whatever (Amazon) and it's not as good as the Sonos music -- however, Alexa isn't wireless and there's no issue w/the music going dead like the Sonos thru the sound system.

  • RubaDub

    If she knows all about the cult I'll plug it back in.

    LV101 ...

    Just ask her about calculating 1914 or overlapping generations. Don't give up on Alexa.

    I tried it with her and she started speaking Greek.

    Rub a Dub

  • LV101

    Thanks, RAD.

    Do you like the music? I loved the fact I could request any song, almost. My adult child loves Alexa - only music played on normal basis. The oldies station didn't even sound like the original music. The top pop songs sound normal (just different than Sonos which has a gazillion stations) and she takes up such minimal space -- it's supposed to work thru the sound system (for speaker coverage throughout) but didn't have good luck -- that's not Alexa's fault.

    I will give her another chance -- thx.

  • zeb

    It took me a minute then I realized A was not a well informed grand child!!

    and sooften we left a convention early when i saw that I (with a long drive to go) and she and the kids had had enough. Then it was ice creams on the way home..

  • smiddy3

    I was confused with your post and then I googled Alexa ,LOL

    You learn something everyday on this site

    Ask her what`s the latest Nu-Lite going to be ? or maybe the next Lotto numbers .?

  • Amelia Ashton
    Amelia Ashton

    I have a Google Home. I asked her if i should join Jehovah's witnesses and she told me not to listen to just their side of the story and study just their Bible and literature but research others as well!

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