Don't forget to report! (Worship Book ch 4)

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  • neyank

    " Don't forget to report!"

    Yes. Don't forget to report.

    Of course it's talking about spreading the teachings of the WTS around.

    To the WTS, that is what JWs MUST do or DIE at Armageddon.

    But I have a question on this.

    If a JW was constantly out in field service years ago teaching the current 'truths' that are no longer taught as 'truth', would he/she be guilty of teaching false things about God?

    Would he/she be blood guilty?

    As we all know, the WTS stresses that to maybe,possibly,there's a very slight chance that to survive Armageddon a JW MUST be out teaching the 'good news'.

    Now just a few years later those teachings are no longer valid.

    Doesthat mean that the time spent in field service was wasted and now they MUST start all over again earning points with God?

    And when those teachings change again, will the JW have to start over again and then again and then again ect, ect, ect..........??????????????


    A question the JWs might want to think about.

    After all. The scripture says God must be worshipped in spirit and truth.

    If the JWS are spreading false teachings about God because the WTS demands that they do this, will they be blood guilty in the eyes of God?


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