Brothers with hearts. Where are they?

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  • stillin

    One poster here mentioned how, after he was appointed as an elder, things took on a more "corporate" feel. I was an MS and as such went, dutifully, to the bi-annual meetings with the CO. I was sorely disappointed. I had imagined sort of a round-table discussion of trends and potential difficulties in the congregation, along with a coordinated effort to help people out. Wrong. It turned out to be a bit by bit coverage of an outline from headquarters that didn't seem to have any real substance. I figured that the defect was my own.

    Then along came public talks. I had always been self conscious about speaking so I really prepared the talk so that I was able to feel that I really had something to offer. High fives from many in the congregation. But not the elders. I had not stuck like glue to the outline.

    I had seen brothers give talks like I was trying to give and they were viewed as good speakers, lots of heart and soul. I was raked over the coals. Since those years I've noticed that there are fewer and fewer heartfelt talks. They all seem to be trying to sound like each other even to the extent of using the same "word-whiskers."

    It makes me puke. What happened to my religion?

  • Isambard Crater
    Isambard Crater

    I can think of countless examples of Brothers, mainly Elders, showing no real love or understanding, totally like the Pharisees and not at all like Jesus.

    Also, I am often told stories by mentally-in J.W's who complain how such a Brother has mistreated them in some way. I gently sow a seed in there minds by saying; "We should all be more like Jesus". They agree with me, say it's something to do with the Organization being made up from imperfect human men, and then say how wonderful The Truth is, contradicting themselves. *facepalm

  • punkofnice
    stilly - One poster here mentioned how, after he was appointed as an elder, things took on a more "corporate" feel.

    Yes. I've said that on here because it's the only description that I could get to fit.

    High fives from many in the congregation. But not the elders.

    hat's because they're totally ego driven. they are pathetic little nobodies that have an over-bloated sense of importance.

    It makes me puke. What happened to my religion?

    It has become exposed for the corporate scam it is. They are struggling to keep control of the sheeple as many wake up to the truth about the filth they call the 'truth(tm)'.

    May the fleas of a billion rabid aardvarks bite their scrotums.

  • ttdtt

    You are so right still.

    Since those years I've noticed that there are fewer and fewer heartfelt talks.

    Lots of reasons contribute to that. Little or no training on public speaking (fyi the TM school was never a good tool for that), fewer opportunities for brothers to actually get better at it if they have that inclination. NO incentive to do so. And really suppression from all the higher ups on just regurgitating crap.

    To get to the point where you can do it (public talks are probably the only place left) you have to build up some street cred first. You have to get to be someone that will not be easily questioned if you go off track.

    But in reality - the days of good loving and smart brothers who really worked at being good public speakers that gave valuable info and encouragement are OVER.

    I got out just as the heyday for that ended.
    As an elder, after years of hard work, and personal expense for extensive training, I hit the pinnacle of what elders could accomplish with public speaking. (Not bragging cuz I REGRET everything I did).

    It all started to come apart as the GB took more power over everything said.

    Few, very few brothers do more than vomit out the crap handed to them now.


  • stuckinarut2

    Great post stillin! I can say that your experience mirrored mine very much.

    I focussed on helping brothers and sisters. Being there to support them. I shared with the body those that needed help in the flock.

    I soon saw in those elders and ms meetings that the agenda was very different.

    I even used the illustration about how we should take care of the "crushed reeds and flaxen wicks" in the congregation. The "lost sheep"

    I was severely told off for "counselling the elders" . For presuming to "tell them how we should treat the brothers and sisters"

    I also put great efforts into my talks - to make them heartfelt and motivating. Often I used illustrations to help encourage all. I was counselled for "presumptuously using too many illustrations" to which I said "but Jesus did that?" One elder snapped back "so you think you're Jesus!?"

    To this day, I can't understand how what I did was wrong. ...

  • asp59

    First of all if publisher starts improving he gets shut down by elder that are jealous of them. They usually want rutin and publisher not to improve to not shake things up. Plus they think it makes them look bad if someone that is not appointed make improvements. You have almost be a CO to make improvements in the platform and be left alone. They took a good decision shutting down the school. The quality of that arrangement is more a embarrassment the anything else. But that goes back to the ,40s when it started. If the organization didn't use God's name I would see it more like a comedy club.

  • Lieu

    Nothing happened. When positions open up to you, you begin to see how things really are. [The higher up the corporate ladder you go, the more you know.]

    It's a business operating under the guise of religion for the purpose of a free labor force and tax exemption. It has been that way since Rutherford.

    The WT isn't in the business of making disciples/students of Christ. WT isn't in the business of providing comfort, assistance, clothing, food, or even peace of mind, etc.

    It was set up to promote its Armageddon predictions through print media; its product. So, everything is set up for that purpose; the product.

    When you go to those anual meetings, get ready for talking about business policies, buildings, accounting, costs, and movement/display of the product.

  • joe134cd

    I remember a PIMI who was a then Gilead. Missionary telling me, that with the assembly parts it was practically word for word regurgitation. I think eventually with the way things are going, all physical buildings will be sold with it been live streamed out of HQ in the USA.

  • asp59

    Think they thought it was only the preaching work that was important.back in the days of Rutherford. It's to late now for them to change things. They probably gonna convert everything to online religion. The only thing they still gonna put any effort on will be the preaching, that they think it's what workt out for them.

  • truth_b_known
    It's a business operating under the guise of religion for the purpose of a free labor force and tax exemption. It has been that way since Rutherford. - Lieu

    This is the reality literally staring us all in the face and we never saw it. I was in from birth until my mid-thirties. It wasn't until I was out that I saw the religion known as Jehovah's Witnesses for what it really is - a business.

    Case in point - Regardless of position in the congregation or the organization, what was the term used to refer to a member? Answer = "Publisher"

    What religion refers to its members as a "publisher"? Only Jehovah's Witnesses. What is a publisher?




    a person or company that prepares and issues books, journals, music, or other works for sale.

    "the publishers of Vogue"

    Up until the early 1990s, in the U.S. "publishers" in each congregation purchased magazines and books printed by free labor at Bethel. The monies paid went straight to the Watchtower Bible and Tract Society. Then, we publishers presented these publications for sale in their public "ministry" they would sell the books and magazines to the public. The proceeds from those sales also went to the Watchtower Bible and Tract Society. So, literally, each book and magazine was sold twice will all proceeds going to the WBTS.

    Then the mean old federal government must have been looking at the WTBS shiny coffers. Voluntary donations became the new business model as not to lose the religious tax exemption. The problems is that this lead to the bleeding of money. Publishers were not voluntarily contributing the suggested amount for books and magazines. Publishers were not asking the public to donate when offering the books and magazines.

    As a result, hardcovers for books were replaced by paperback. Magazines were printed less frequently and eventually shrank in the number of pages. Even after these drastic changes the WTBS continued to bleed money.

    A major changes in their business plan had to change and did it ever. Their new scheme - Real estate.

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