A question for christians

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  • greven

    Hey Azaria,

    I understand you better now. Indeed lengthy arguements about something you don't believe in can be quite a drag.

    I deliberately used atheists’ belief because I think that all people have a belief system, whether they believe in God, Wicca, in themselves, others, wealth, success, etc.

    Ofcourse everybody has some framework like a window into which they peek into the world, however believing in God or wicca is quite different from believing in yourself, others, wealth and success which are more goals then beliefs in terms of worship...

    So...you speak Dutch? elaborate please....(here or send a PM)


  • azaria

    Hi Greven,
    I was born in North-Holland. We emigrated to Canada in 57 when I was 8. All my relatives are still there. I have been back 3 times; the last time in 98 and I took my daughter who was 12 at the time. She absolutely loved it. I will always have a soft spot for the Netherlands (partly because all of my relatives are there) but I couldn't live there anymore, unless someone could give me a spot along the North Sea (maybe Bergen op Zoom) I do love Canada. For me the Netherlands was too crowded. I love the wide open spaces. But it's what I'm used to. It's not better, but different. I do still speak Dutch, though some say I speak Transvaals? Considering that I only speak the language when I write or phone my relatives, I think I do alright. They sometimes chuckle but they understand me. You speak English very well, so I assume you are fairly young. My cousins can speak English, but their children do much better, partly through schooling and partly through all the American programmes on TV. Doeg!

  • greven

    Azaria, check your PM's....


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