Need help understanding the Overlapping Generation teaching

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  • waton
    Buying time because their false prophecies in the past had failed miserably.

    JSaturn, let me elaborate on pon's observation. How much time you could understand they bought? until 2075.

    Using D, Splane's comments about F. Franz, who was 21 in 1914, but was anointed earlier, and died 1992, 78 years after 1914, the generations start; A similar living anointed that D.S. alluded to, would be 46 today, and after 87 years outliving Franz, die at age 98 in ~ 2070.

    David Splane acknowledged older partakers around, so a "happy anniversary wt, 2075" is the time they bought themselves at least on paper,

    BSW: This anointed overlapping generation not only distorts "Jesus' " words it also contradict "him". because

    Jesus said the generation will not pass away. but the anointed generation has to pass away, before all these things, like Armageddon, the judgement of the goats, the sheep entering into everlasting life... occur.

    As it stands, wt stands in error by its current teaching. buying time will not help to erase that.

  • Jules Saturn
    Jules Saturn


    I actually really liked the information, thank you for posting that


    You know I didn't really think about it that way, and you're right, it is a distortion of words that were written, going beyond what is written

  • jp1692

    You're welcome Jules!

  • Esse quam videri
    Esse quam videri

    At least L. Ron Hubbard had Lord Xenu and 1,000's of thetans flying out of volcano's to occupy our bodies. That makes a lot more sense that Splane and his overlapping generations crap.

  • Half banana
    Half banana

    I loathe cult doctrine. It is the conjurors distraction to his bewildered guests by which he draws attention away from view to conceal what is really going on. The JW org is a money grabbing cult which hurts families and steals lives, the doctrines are just sleight of hand and completely without meaning.

  • Fisherman

    When a group of people are trying to solve a crossword puzzle, sometimes they get stumped on a word, so everyone agrees to write down some word in pencil and if it doesn't fit the puzzle, they erase it and write down the other word in pencil until the puzzle is solved. Sometimes a word seems at first to fit the puzzle but later on it does not. So until the word is invalidated, it is valid. --Just a guess.

  • waton

    Fisherman, very good analogy. They will have to erase the anointed generation, it does not fit Jesus words. That partaker generation ends before paradise for sheep and gehenna for goats, which is all part of Jesus' end generation prophecy.

  • Half banana
    Half banana

    A person is an idiot if he or she believes any bible teachings.

    Nothing of the speculation based on any religious doctrine can be proven.

    The Watchtower, now called JW Org, stands as a monument to the stupidity of believing interpretations of Bible readings. It has wasted the lives of millions of JWs who hang on every word they have been taught only to be given a new set of false promises each generation.

    Had it been true, the promises would have come true and the teachings would never have to change.

    Not one of the promises of Jehovah's Witnesses has ever come true because they are not based on evidential truth. The Bible and its contents were selected as propaganda to control the mass of people, particularly in the dying days of the Roman Empire. The poor and uneducated being the most susceptible.

    The Bible has always been a propaganda tool, it is not divine, it is not "truth".

    Wakey wakey Jehovah's Witnesses!

  • waton
    You are an idiot if you believe bible teachings. Hb

    I believe the bible only to the extent that it exists. Just its first verse contains an error of 10 billion years. that is 10 decimal places. but

    as a debating evidence to disprove current wt doctrines it serves well.

    "Idiots" might be the wrong word, the billions that were swindled from jws, were not earned by idiots, but hard working striving individuals, not mental vegetables.

  • Half banana
    Half banana

    (Sorry Waton, I changed my first sentence to avoid directing my wrath at an individual!)

    One of the several illusions about religious belief is that it implies 'certainty'.

    How can anything other than dreams be constructed from dreams? The absolutist view of religious texts gives hope to the gullible and empowers zealots to do their business. However it does not help the world achieve world peace neither does it further the human spirit in moving forward to learn new ways of coping with the human condition.

    Bible doctrine is unfounded and unscientific, it is in conflict with itself and studying it will get you nowhere. Better I think, to learn almost anything else!

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