No 2019 Conventions in Ireland ?

by Phizzy 17 Replies latest jw experiences

  • Biblestudent1

    There was a convention in Ireland in late June or early July, I don’t remember the exact time

    Same place as every year, Citywest convention centre in Dublin

  • blondie

    Biblestudent 1, that is very probable, since those convention(s) would not be listed on the website since it is now August.

  • Lost in the fog
    Lost in the fog

    Ireland already had its convention on the 2nd week of July. A time when the chosen hotel charges their highest summer rates and queues for food are literally out of the doors. I heard that if you went you had to take all your breakfast items off the buffet table at the same time, so by the time you got to your cooked breakfast it was stone cold. The hotel also I was told charge all children over the age of 2 as adult rates.

    This is why a lot of Irish JWs find it cheaper to go to our English conventions in Newcastle, Manchester, and yes probably Birmingham, because even with the airfares added on it works out cheaper than what the WT has organised with one of the most expensive hotels in the Dublin area.

  • Biblestudent1

    I do not know about breakfast or shoddy treatment in Citywest Dublin but I know some Irish people went to London for the convention for August 16th - 18th. Probably combine a bit of sightseeing too

    Charging children over 2 adult rates in Dublin is scandalous. I worked in Irish hotels and the done thing and common practice was 12 years old. When I worked in Irish hotels I gave many "baby bowls" for free from the carvary

    I 100% agree with hotel rates in Dublin being rip off. It is among the most expensive in Europe, pure rip off. No doubt England would be cheaper even with air fare

  • WildeLover

    The convention is always in shitty west hotel area since 2012 and always mid July

  • blondie

    So the WTS gave into the Irish jws not obeying their instructions to support the assigned conventions locations? What will happen next?

  • snapdragon4

    The JW website is simply referring to upcoming conventions...

  • Phizzy

    Thanks everybody, I didn't think about the Irish Borefest being in July. Thanks for your info, and of course the JW Org will get a kick back from the Hotel, plus free rooms for the Elite, all subsidized by the poor R&F JW's.

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