Some years ago, elder talked bad things about me in field service.....

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  • Iamallcool

    I just thought about my old congregation where an elder met worldly married couple in field service some years ago. The couple knew me for years but we do not know each other very well and they mentioned my name to him and he started to talk bad things about me! WTF! I was informed by a JW brother that was with him that talked to the couple. I do not know what he said about me. He declined to elaborate further. I was inactive at that time so I did not bother to try to find out what he said to them. I think he was trying to ruffle my feathers. Just wondering if you know of any JW that talk bad about Ex-JW in field service?

  • redpilltwice
    Just wondering if you know of any JW that talk bad about Ex-JW in field service?

    Too many to mention. That's what happens when you're under Jehovah's dome...

    Revelation 22:15 . . .Outside are the dogs. . .

  • scratchme1010

    Just wondering if you know of any JW that talk bad about Ex-JW in field service?

    Just like redpilltwice, too many to mention. I was the gossip punching bag of the congregation. Those idiots seemed to have the theory that their ill intended gossip and s**t talking was somehow going to make me change my behavior and attitude.

    As I have mentioned many times, gossip and backstabbing are the backbone of the manipulation and control of the WT and many other cults. Ill-intended gossip ir around all the time in every congregation.

  • flipper

    IAMALLCOOL- Hey buddy, I empathize with you and feel you. If I thought about all the thousands of times my JW family and other former friends have talked bad about me in the past- it would drive me crazy dude. Best to try to move on from it and realize these JW assholes never were our friends and that THEY are the mind controlled deluded ones . Their minds are screwed up 6 ways from Sunday man . There is no rhyme or reason in what they do or how they speak. And the WT Society has robbed them of any real human compassion or empathy- translation : We won't be getting any sympathy cards from them soon. Cut your losses and move on is my advice. Take care, hang in there, Peace out, Mr. Flipper

  • millie210

    Elders seem to be the worst for doing this.

    I wonder why?

    Is it because they have a supposed confidentiality within the congregation that they think doesnt apply when its "worldly people? Or is it because they want this worldly person to perceive them as "in the know" since the title "elder" has no meaning to a worldly person?

    It seems ego driven and a "look at me" response regardless.

  • Iown Mylife
    Iown Mylife

    People trashed our reputations, after my husband and I had been JWs for a long time. When the lies first began, I was hurt and outraged but at the same time I thought that all the people who had known us for well over 20 years would at least ASK us about our side of things. But NOBODY did. They just stopped speaking to us altogether.

    I could not understand how it happened. That friends we had known so well and closely would just turn suddenly away without a word to us, just because two young people began talking bad about us. I mean the entire congregation! Mind-blown, we stopped going to meetings.

    The elders made Saturday visits to us for a year or so and kept telling us we just needed to come back to meetings. We told them we weren't coming back. Then we decided to write our letter of disassociation so that they would quit showing up. We did not want to be associated with JW or WT whatsoever, after our own experience and the shameful facts that were coming out in the news about how WT deals with child abuse.

    Honesty, loyalty, kindness, consideration, helpfulness, concern and generosity for over 25 years mean nothing in the face of vicious and determined obliteration. My husband got over it rapidly but it all devastated me. Finally I accepted the fact that if people are so happy to throw me away, then their good opinion was not worth having.

    Learning that was the beginning of growing up for me - years after becoming a grammaw! LOL

  • blondie

    I had jws talk about me behind my back to others when I was an active jw. Gossip dies if no one listens, so the listeners and tale carriers are just as bad. Why tell you if he would not tell the details?

  • Tallon


    Take Flipper's advice and move on. They are not worth the time and effort fretting about.

    I had jws talk about me behind my back to others when I was an active jw. Gossip dies if no one listens, so the listeners and tale carriers are just as bad ...

    I had the same experience as you, Blondie. Added to this I had a speech impediment - I stammered / stuttered - so I was a target for ridicule as well. I eventually overcame this problem. Today, I couldn't care less what some people think of me. I live my life on my own terms and shoulder my responsibilities as best I can.

  • LongHairGal


    Sorry you were hurt by the unaccountable elders!

    I always felt some JWs REALLY loved field service because it was a great opportunity to stretch their legs and get the latest scoop on everybody in the hall.

    All the while I was working and supporting myself, the busybodies (some who had a husband supporting them) were in car groups having a great time wagging their tongues and feeling all righteous about themselves.

    They love their gossip more than anything and I'm glad I'm not around them.

    So, if they talk trash about people who are still active in the religion, why would they care about somebody who is "out"? In their eyes, somebody like this is fair game. Unfortunately, that's how it is.

  • LV101

    Good advice above -- just thank your lucky stars or whatever you love in life (your dog or anything) you're not involved with them anymore. They're miserable people (maybe not all, but ya know what I mean) and they try desperately to have validation they're right and haven't been conned.

    Best --

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