Going back to KHs

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  • tresdecu

    WT WIZ - I agree with your snow days comment, but this won't be a thing:

    "you can now get disfellowshipped for refusing the vaccine" That would never happen. lol.

    I do think that things will be restructured. My guess is maybe switch the midweek meeting to a Zoom only. If they were to do that I'm sure the guilt factor for not turning on camera would be ramped up!. Right now in my congo, it is pretty laid back and they don't put pressure on the "friends" to do it. It's about 60-40, quite a few don't do it.

    Maybe they will sell even more kingdom halls, do all meetings on Zoom and have everyone meet at an assembly hall once a month for some in-person culting (??)

  • Rocketman123

    If and when the government issued social restrictions are lifted, there is no compelling reason why they would not return to the Kingdom Halls.

    Thats their social engagement center, where meetings are held, the memorial, special talks now videos displayed on monitors, where weddings are performed and funerals .

    ......and where elders can look over how people are dressed and groomed, elders have little power and control over Zoom

    ......and where JWS can see and socialize with their approved friends.

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