Please sum up the last decade in JW history

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  • MMP1980

    That one is disturbing. I told my 12 year old daughter about it and her mouth fell open. She said,'That's so sad!'. "Out of the mouth of babes".

  • smiddy

    Members of the Governing Body used to be just names we heard or maybe a photo in a magazine if he was lucky.In other words their was a mysterious persona about them .

    Now they are JW.ORG media personalities , hogging the limelight ,and in some cases showing what buffoons they really are.

    The F&F have now been indoctrinated to wear badges , trinkets ,necklaces , bangles broaches etc. with JW.ORG ,the tetragrammaton , WT 1916-2016 H.Q., and all sorts of other trinkets advertising the cult .


  • flipper

    " Please Sum Up the Last Decade in JW History "

    2006- Lies & Deception

    2007- Lies & Deception

    2008- Lies & Deception

    2009- Lies & Deception

    2010- Lies & deception

    2011- Lies & Deception

    2012- Lies & Deception

    2013- Lies & Deception

    2014- Lies & Deception

    2015- Lies & Deception

    That about covers it

  • slimboyfat

    Decline, from gentle to precipitous, with distinct indications of panic emanating from the top.

  • Heaven

    Tony Morris the Turd has demonized coloured socks and tight pants.

    Stephen Lett thinks there is more evidence to support the established Kingdom than gravity, electricity, or wind.

    The Zalkin Law Firm in the U.S. has a number of JW child abuse cases in the pipeline.

  • oldskool

    The prominence of the logo is striking, as if they are attempting to tap into current tech startup branding tricks.

    It is also striking because the prominent iconography for the Witnesses for decades was the Watchtower itself. That seems like it is on the way out.

    Watching JW tv right now.....starting another thread....can't believe how insane it is....

  • Heaven

    Back in 2010, I had to have an internet connection installed at my Dad's house because I needed to work from his place while I assisted him with his cataract post-surgery procedures.

    He was major league freaked out. Dad thought Satan himself was going to ooze right into the house through the wires.

    Of course, nothing bad happened.

    Even back then they had their website although it wasn't great (yeah, it still isn't) and it was pre-video era. Now it's their pride and joy. Soooo.... what happened to change the demons coming through the interwebs to infect everyone to now it's all a-ok?

  • JW_Rogue
    Former belief - field service is a publishers inalienable right
    New belief - field service privilege can be taken away if person styles hair or wears clothing in a way that is deemed metrosexual.
    I was pretty much dumbfounded.

    Actually anybody could go out and say they are a witness even an apostate. JWs really would have no way of knowing and could do very little about it. Sure if you wanted to go with the group they could probably exclude you but you don't really need a group.

  • JW_Rogue

    I don't think it was mentioned yet but they did a WT on types and anti-types explaining why most of the time it doesn't make sense to give anti-typical meanings to bible characters and parables. Then they continued to use anti-types to explain: 1914, 1919, Faithful and Discreet Slave, Generation Teaching etc. WTF?

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