Welcome to all the newbies and lurkers that have joined this forum lately.

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  • smiddy3

    I`m sure you have all noticed the ever increasing number of newbies and lurkers who have visited this site over the past months and I am sure we could all collectively welcome them to this site and support them on learning the TTATT . and helping them to navigate how they can look up older publications and quotes of the WTB&TS that they would rather remain hidden.

    We all know Jehovah`s Witnesses /Governing Body never apologizes for mistakes they make they just don`t mention them anymore and explain it away as New light from God.

    Actually a big cop out.

    Welcome to All you who are new to this site .

    Every day their seems to be someone new posting which is great .

    And if this is any indication of what is happening in all other ex JW sites the WTB&TS are in deep trouble

  • The Fall Guy
    The Fall Guy

    Well said Smiddy.

    I now have to catch up on what's been happening after having had a nice winter break in warmer climes.

  • Sliced
    Welcome to all and keep doing your research!
  • flipper

    Great thread Smiddy, thanks for posting it. Indeed a warm welcome to all of you who have escaped the high control Jehovah's Witnesses organization or anybody else new here as well. You are among folks here who have experienced similar unjust actions that you might have experienced. We're here as a support to you and offer kindness and a soft landing spot for however long you need it. Hang in there, Peace out, Mr. Flipper

  • ToesUp


    If any of you are PIMO (physically in/mentally out) and can not leave because you will loose family, friends and some even a place to live or work (this organization is holding you hostage). There is ONE thing that you CAN do that has DEEP impact on Watchtower. VOTE WITH YOUR WALLETS. DO NOT GIVE THIS ORGANIZATION ONE MORE PENNY. HIT EM WHERE IT HURTS, IN THE WALLET.

  • Are you serious
    Are you serious

    Welcome lurkers. This site in addition to Crisis of Conscience, jwfacts.com and the Watchtower's own Kingdom Interlinear helped me wake up. You will find people with amazing knowledge here.

  • AllTimeJeff

    Hello to all the newbies. You've got a lot of people who've been through everything here. Many great people and stories.

    As a former Gilead missionary, I saw the rot directly. I have no desire to bring down this cult, I personally believe that it will burn out on its own, but what I saw while going through the Gilead at Bethel was the final straw. I have seen first hand the damage done to people, and how much the Governing Body will put their financial considerations over the people. (Pedophile stories like Candace Conti are just the tip of the iceburg.)

    As Morpheus told Neo, if you choose the red pill, the only thing to be offered is the truth. THE REAL TRUTH, NOT THE BULLSH*T THE GB RAMS DOWN YOUR THROAT. Hopefully you'll find yourself as much as you find out the real truth about the Borg. As I like to say, live well and become who you can become, it's the best revenge against the Governing Body.

  • blisterfeet

    Thanks! haha I have been lurking for a while. Very entertaining stuff! I faded years ago and have a new life far far away from anyone that ever knew I was affiliated. Every once in a while i get caught at a gas station or "they" come by my house. They have no clue what i know, its kinda nice.

    My heart goes out to all those still struggling in limbo of both worlds.

  • stuckinarut2

    Beautifully said Smiddy3!

    Yes, it can be a very stressful time for those who are lurking here. They can be afraid to take the step to joining up and share in the conversations.

    Please feel welcome!

    This is a safe place full of people who "get it!" . People who understand what it is like to go through the waves of emotion when waking up from a lifetime of religious JW indoctrination.

    Please be assured that you are NOT alone.

  • Boco

    Thanks for the welcome.

    I'm looking for info I can use to get my family thinking about the JW organisation. My dad is totally in and talks about the time when he'll go on the doors letting people know the message is now too late, you're going to be destroyed. So, I want to drop in little 'thinkers' for my family to think about, to lerk in the back of their mind.

    I can tongue-in-cheek debate with the family, hoping that it'll make them think.

    I still go to the meetings but, don't want to loose family members. So, fading slowly seems to be the way ATM.

    Anyhow, I'm going to bed now.

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