Can't think how they will respond

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  • sir82

    They won't be back.

    In conversation amongst themselves, they'll say the reason is that you aren't "humble" and "reasonable".

    In WT-world, "humble" = "willfully ignorant" and "reasonable" = "agreeing with everything they say".

  • steve2

    You do not know JWs that well.

    JWs much prefer "discussions" with uneducated and disillusioned people:

    Uneducated people are easier targets for the JW explanations because there is a high likelihood they won't know how to reason or think critically, disillusioned people because their desperation for a better existence will override their ability to stop their emotions overriding their brains.

  • Giles Gray
    Giles Gray


    I'm sure they are saying all kind of things about me to each other. What I like to think about is what they will be thinking when they are alone with their thoughts.

    How will they get the image of a 14 year old boy with a 7 inch tail out of their minds? How will they feel about the fact that a creature that only swims has vestigial legs? And Dawkins video demonstrates wonderfully the laryngeal nerve.

    These points aren't necessarily related to science. They are just facts that are difficult to reconcile with how they perceive the Bible. So they can't really use their distrust of science to get around the problems these facts make for them.

    In their more quiet monents they will be thinking about these things.


    I remember the 3 H's. To become a JW people need to be Honest, Hungry and Humble.

    The irony!

  • Wayward

    They'll run for the hills. I can almost guarantee it. You'll probably never see them again and they will try to hit the 'Delete' button on their brains and get rid of everything you've shown them. It's almost an automatic reaction with most JWs. It was a brave effort though and I really hope they DO come back so you can expose them to a little more real science. You never know. Something might stick and make them think.

    Slightly off topic: How strong is your faith when you run away from anything that challenges it? If you have 'the truth' then it will stand up to any challenges. If it doesn't, it isn't 'the truth'.

  • truth_b_known

    I thought about starting a thread on a related topic. Here is a question to present:

    Old age, sickness, and death are allegedly linked to Adamic sin. Without the original sin, no human would grow old, get sick, or die. It is because of imperfection.

    The plant and animal kingdom were created prior to humans. Animals grow old, get sick, are born with abnormalities, and die. Same with plants. Why? What sin did the plant and animal kingdom commit?

  • TheOldHippie

    As for the laryngal nerve in giraffes, please read Loennig's article, the question is also discussed in his beautiful book about giraffes.

  • Ruby456

    the problem, giles, is that Dawkins continually emphasizes utility as characterizing and motivating evolution. In contrast Jehovahs witnesses understand the creation as being part of a different value system and different kind of intelligence - one that is based not on utility but on praising Jehovah, praising and developing higher virtues like love and self control than mere practicality and utility. It is this different intelligence that is more likely to be significant to Jehovahs witnesses in their alone time particularly as most jws had already become disillusioned with the focus on material gain and utility inherent in capitalism and material accumulation. as steve2 says they want a better existence

    edit: better to talk about the suppleness of evolution imo

  • Vidiot
    truth_b_known - "Animals grow old..."

    By the exact same biological process as humans, no less... telomerase reduction in cell subdivision.

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