Another Outright Lie Published 2/17 WT

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  • LostGeneration

    This info is from the article "Who is Leading God's People Today" Feb 17 study edition.

    To help them disseminate Bible truth in various languages, Zion’s Watch Tower Tract Society was legally incorporated in 1884, with Brother Russell as president. * He was an outstanding student of the Bible, and he fearlessly exposed as false such doctrines as the Trinity and the immortality of the soul. He discerned that Christ would return invisibly and that “the appointed times of the nations” would end in 1914.

    Pretty sickening article overall about how badass the GB is, though this little gem is printed as well, paragraph 12

    The Governing Body is neither inspired nor infallible. Therefore, it can err in doctrinal matters or in organizational direction.

    I have a feeling they will really regret printing this, as every "apostate" that has an issue in the future will simply be able to print this thing out and shove it in the face of the elders.

  • biblexaminer

    They are two separate things.

    1) "He discerned that Christ would return invisibly" ....

    2) "...that “the appointed times of the nations” would end in 1914."

    But by sticking them together with an "and" in between, they successfully achieve their objective. Keep the dubs in the dark. Machiavellian indeed.

    CTR was counting on a physical return in 1879, but when it failed, he moved it to 1914. To save face, he invented the parousia nonsense as a stop-gap measure.

    In 1914, he was on the roof of the Bethel with his disciples, dressed in white robes, waiting for the Lord to appear and takem' home. More disappointment.

    CTR died a sad and broken little man, all full of himself. The governing boobs know this to be true. But alas, they work for SATAN.

  • stuckinarut2

    Well said bible examiner!

    The TRUTH of such history is quite different to that which the society says!

    Hypocrites indeed.

  • Mephis

    Good grief that's an utterly bonkers article. Their 'proof' that they've been chosen as God's mouthpiece (in spite of acknowledging they get it wrong, a lot):

    1. They change their minds a lot about what they believe. Therefore that's proof the holy spirit is at work. Because without the holy spirit they obviously could not change their beliefs or something.

    2. Angels send JWs to people praying. I'm a little disappointed they don't mention white feathers being found in the vicinity of people who answer the door.

    3. They take random verses from the bible, bash them together to come up with a way to forbid something, and that then proves they rely on God's word.

    There was a time this pretended to be a religion of bible scholarship. It wasn't, but it tried hard to pretend to be by baffling with BS about Jewish and early Christian versions of the apocalypse. This though, this is drivel. They don't even attempt to explain why (or even how) Jesus chose their apostate religion above all others in 1919, in the hope that eventually they'd muddle their way to something closer to 'the truth' over time.

  • Crazyguy

    Really on the roof in white?

    The second part about them being neither inspired etc., I remember them saying something similar in an older magazine and I think this is done to relieve them of responsibility when some one dies or ends up in prison do to thier stupid rules and teachings. Kinda like thier get out of jail card.

  • schnell

    BUT they did have a convention where they said that no one else can lay claim to the prediction that the League of Nations would return.

    Um. As a statement, that's doubtful, because we have documents about the League of Nations and United Nations going back to Taft. There were reasons why the League failed, and the USA didn't even sign onto it. (I wonder how that doesn't affect their interpretation of the image of the wild beast.)

    If Knorr or somebody said the League would come back in a new form, he was probably just reading the paper. But, they used this in recent years as a sort of wink-wink to say, Brother Knorr was INSPIRED. *WINK* *WINK*

  • Barrold Bonds
    Barrold Bonds

    We can err

    but if you don't listen to you will die at armageddon.

    wtf man

  • never a jw
    never a jw

    CTR was counting on a physical return in 1879, but when it failed, he moved it to 1914.

  • Listener

    They love to use the excuse that they are neither inspired or infallible for their false teachings and according to them, we can't even blame them for when they do promote false teachings

    reflect on the list of beliefs clarified that was referred to in the preceding paragraph. Surely, no human deserves credit for discovering and explaining these “deep things of God”!

    They also make this claim

    ” If those of the Governing Body allow God’s Word rather than popular opinion to guide their decisions, who is really leading God’s people today?

    This wasn't the case with Jackson's testimony at the RC, particularly about being God's Channel and corporal punishment of children.

    Also, haven't they repeatedly used the excuse regarding their handling of child abuse been because the general opinion about such abuse was not recognized as being such a serious problem in past decades. Had they stuck to advise given in the Bible they would not be in the position they are today.
  • smiddy

    Another lie ? , "Zions Watchtower & Tract Society was Legally incorporated in 1884,with brother Russell as president"

    Maybe that was true as regards the WT magazine


    Fact :" William H.Conley was the first president of the "International Bible Students Association" later to be known as Jehovahs Witnesses . A religion that was started by C.T.Russell .

    This was also true .

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