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  • Inabunker

    Hi new to forum and first post! I Have been reading posts on and off for years. Still Fighting my "doubts" and struggling internally, my family is active and the wife knows nothing of my late night website reads here. With the birth of my child a few years ago, the blood issue amoung other awaking moments has been something that has weighed on my conscious. Recently at the meetings they handed to everyone a medical directive for us to fill out and return to the secretary signed copies for emergency purposes. I will have to figure out how to dodge that one, but more disturbing was a two page hand out on children and blood. I can download another time if you don't know it. Sorry to be long winded but the reason I am posting, I remember reading the HLC can have parents sign a form to allow the hospital to give their children blood, under the doctors conscious? Maybe I read it wrong but I'd appreciate some direction and assistance. Thanks and hello by the way, finally have the courage to post, big step here and I appreciate the info and support.

  • Finkelstein

    Welcome to the forum inabunker, yes the blood doctrine by the JWS is certainly a weak one that was made without a lot contemplative deep scriptural analysis. It has cost the lives of thousands of people some children.

    It was one of the doctrines made by the WTS/JWS that was simply incorrect ie 1914 etc.

    Have had a look at jwfacts yet ?

    The blood issue has been talked about a lot here , you can use the search box and have a look yourself.

  • FayeDunaway

    It was years after actually LEAVING that I had the courage to post on a site like this. Huge step for sure, bunker. Welcome, buddy!!!

    Strangest thing to me that a symbol of life because life is so sacred could be more sacred than life itself. It's idolatry, isn't it!?!

    Yes I recall others talking about that rule but they know more details than I do, so I will let them answer.

  • Crazyguy

    Free your conscience, there are roughly 1million white blood cells in a drop of breast milk. Also if you haven't read the km November 2006 it's says cows blood is ok as a conscience matter, go figure how it's ok to have cows blood.

  • Sevan
  • Sevan

    Good link on the subject above ^

  • OrphanCrow
    Inabunker: ...I remember reading the HLC can have parents sign a form to allow the hospital to give their children blood, under the doctors conscious?

    Yes, you are correct.

    In Canada, the HLC have arranged for JW parents to sign a "Letter of Understanding" that allows a hospital to administer blood transfusions to their children if necessary.

    The letter of understanding can be found at this link here:

    And a National Post article from 4 years ago about that same issue:

    Note the tile of that article: "Without Fanfare..."

    Without fanfare is right, it is done so quietly that the JW parents themselves don't know that the HLC will do this. It is a practice that is only done in certain locations to avoid legal issues - it does not mean that the WTS cares about the child's life - they care about avoiding a legal battle that they can't win

    *to add...forgot to say hello. And welcome :)

  • smiddy

    Inabunker. Welcome , your not alone , it was a big step for most of us when we first posted on here , and believe me you wont ever regret it.

    Their is a reference in one of the links posted here that refers to Kerry Louderbacks " The Tort of Misrepresentation on Blood Transfusions " by Jehovah`s Witnesses ( or similar heading) and shows the deceptions carried out by JW`s G.B. on the blood issue. Well worth a read.

  • cofty

    Welcome to the forum. The blood issue was a major factor in my exit from the organisation as well

    If you ever need to discuss the principles with anybody you might find this helpful...

  • scratchme1010

    Welcome to the forum.

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