Tom Hanks and Rita Wilson / Coronavirus

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  • eyeuse2badub
    "America will take it seriously when celebrities die from it."

    Kinda of reminds me of the question:

    How important does a person have to be before they are considered assassinated instead of just murdered?

    just saying!

  • road to nowhere
    road to nowhere

    Hopefully a well known and liked celebrity can bring some sanity to this. Mr. Hanks can tell his experience, the same as others have done with cancers and such. Facts instead of rumors.

  • LV101

    Celebs bring sanity - they'd be the last lot I'd listen to. I think there's only been a couple who Hollywood peeps raise concern over the homeless situation in California. Not to worry - it's only mid century diseases sweeping through the streets like typhus, tuberculosis, hepatitis A, bubonic plague - and more. Sea life dying because of the filth running through the drainage into the ocean - no problem.

  • caves

    "WILSON....... " The volley ball in 'Cast Away' that Tom Hanks stared in. W I L S O N......

    I meant that to be funny but then I just watched the clip of that part of the movie and it wasn't.

    That part made me cry really hard because I lived isolated in the mountains and became attached to a plant that grew native I had never seen. I was dealing with the hard part of PTSD back then. When finally moved from that spot I cried so hard because I realized that I had been talking to that plant for months and it for all intents and purposes , it became my friend. Went back to visit it many times.

  • road to nowhere
    road to nowhere

    LV. My meaning is someone we know of has it, not some faceless stranger. If mr. Hanks gets welk we can aee how long and severe the illness is; if he dies we will know better how serious this is.

    I agree that advice from celebrities is as useless as asking the sign holder on the corner.

    Caves. We all get attachment to inanimate things. Maybe not talking to tk them. Try to find someone to converse with

  • Finkelstein

    I think at this point people are starting to take it seriously, with a lot of sporting events stopped, some school districts closed, some businesses are temporally closing, the business sector retracting, Wall Street taking a down turn..

    Mind you I dont think we should lock are selves up in are homes like caged animals.

    Keep the fear in check is what I'm saying, this isn't the Bubonic plague of the 14th century.

    I do think we should take caution of where and what we do in are daily lives, keep active such going to a park, perhaps start a new hobby at home, but we should have a sensible approach to the matter such as washing are hands and face 4 or 5 times a day when we are out in public places like shopping malls, places of work and other social gatherings.

  • littlerockguy

    The first week of March in Arkansas there have been 17 deaths contributed to the flu. Last month there was a woman who just turned 61 years old whose family said she was relatively healthy until she contracted the flu virus and eventually died. So far this season in Arkansas there have been 86 deaths from influenza and that is with a vaccine available.

    For this reason and the high influx of the flu in the area where I live the hospital that I work at has limited entries and everybody coming into the hospital is screened for temperature and has to go through a questionnaire, including the employees. This is a hospital in a small town, my hometown with a population around 10K. Visitors and employees not passing the questionnaire or have a temp of 99.9 or above will not be able to enter. They limited visiting hours and kids under 15 years of age cannot enter, unless being treated as a patient of course.

    We have been doing this before the first presumptive case of Covid-19 showed up in Arkansas. Just be careful out there everybody.

  • caves

    Road to nowhere-Caves. We all get attachment to inanimate things. Maybe not talking to tk them. Try to find someone to converse with

    Agreed. That was a long time ago. I talk to people now. And plants, and inanimate objects still.HA!( just not in front of people). Lol. If you ever get to experience solitude for a few years stretch, then you'd understand. That movie did a good job with how that happens. I identified.

    If mr. Hanks gets welk we can aee how long and severe the illness is; if he dies we will know better how serious this is.

    No we won't. He could have underlying conditions that we don't know about.

    Faceless stranger?

    He is still a stranger, I doubt any of us here 'know' him.

    I like him as an actor. Buts that all I know about him. His performances.

    It is sad that the media would steal the nickels off of a dead mans eyes for ratings. Especially Hollywood. I have really tried to curve any extra accolades or give preferential treatment in my mind towards actors and actresses beyond the performance. Way to many in Hollywood I looked up to as a kid turned out to be monsters in real life.

    What if he and his wife gets better? Then some people will be extra flippantly self assuming about the virus.

    What if they die? Then some will be in hysterics about this global pandemic even more so because it was Tom Hanks and his wife. As if the other 1000s were less important. Rubbish. I am aware you didn't say that specifically.

    I suppose the point does boil down to, 'if famous people are getting it, it must be "very" serious.' In the eyes of many. Yet it is.

    Since I've veered off topic a bit...A few more famous people that have the virus .

    Also now celebs are posting pics with designer hazmat suits on. Well that was predictable. If its under control by Halloween that will be my costume. A tricked out hazmat suit.

    They are saying Tom Hanks is the "Guiding light of the Corona-virus." Someone has to be , I guess. ugh

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