Consolidations of congregations

by TheWonderofYou 12 Replies latest watchtower scandals

  • steve2

    Well, at least Notfolk Island hasn't shown much growth for almost 20 years - I guess it shares that much in common with Norfolk County.😜

  • flipper

    It would be interesting to hear from folks all over the U.S. or elsewhere how MUCH of this consolidation is going on. I know in the United States in Ohio and other states many congregations are consolidating and the WT Society has indeed fancied itself as a " real estate " company now. It's amazing the level of greed in WT leaders. Pretty sick

  • Ignoranceisbliss

    In Midwest USA we are seeing some congregation consolidation. I have seen a number of congregations shut down in recent years. South Holly congregation in Michigan was shut down last month. Usually there are not halls sold afterward though. It's usually the elimination of one of the congregations meeting in the same building. I see this as a response to the lack of elders more than anything else. The elders around here are mostly old.

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