"This system will probably be over in about 5 years"

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  • snare&racket

    I heard it all my life..... idiots

  • smiddy3

    "This old system of things can`t last any more than 5 years" I first heard that in the 1960`s and every few years from then on it was " no more than 5 years away"

    So that is 59 years ago ,and their still saying that ?

    The carrot on a stick in front of a Donkey illustration fits Jehovah`s Witnesses down to a tee.

  • jws

    1925: Millions now living will never die!

    I'm a lot younger than my sisters, but after my dad died, one of my sisters sent me some old family photos. From some time in the mid-late 1950's where the family (with my 2 sisters as little girls) were at a convention in NYC. The banner behind them proclaiming the end was near. 60 years later..., one of my sisters is past retirement age and the other turns 65 this year. Nope. No end.

    I remember going to a district convention about 5 years ago just to take a look around. They proclaimed we were in the final seconds of the final day. Tick Tock.

    These people believe in a sky-daddy. So they don't have the best critical thinking skills to begin with. And tend to hear what they want to.

    I remember all of those talks and articles that said "a christian might want to be careful of X". Because I could read English, and was a logical thinker, that didn't mean it was forbidden. You can do it, but be careful. Most of the rest of the congregation would read that as "Thou shalt NOT do X".

    So I could see them missing words like "could" happen in the next 5 years.

    Plus this guy is under the false impression that COs get some secret revelations from HQ. He WANTS to believe the society knows what's unfolding and JWs eagerly await crumbs of knowledge from higher up on that chain to the GB.

    Whether the CO said IT WILL COME IN 5 YEARS or this guy mis-heard, nobody knows. Or maybe the CO heard it from higher up. Or maybe the CO is delusional himself. Since the whole religion is based on a specific interpretation of made up stories to begin with, it's all delusional anyway.

  • Tenacious

    JW's need that reassurance that they're doing the right thing. That they're on the right path.

    They need something to keep them going because there's no HS to encourage them.

    Only the stupid same repetitive drool about doing more and more and recent natural disasters and how these indicate how close the end is.

  • steve2

    Chuck Russell wrote back in the late 1880s that some readers of Zion’s Watchtower (as the magazine was once called) have wondered how much longer the world can go on. This was said in the context of his teaching that 1914 would mark the furtherest extent of the last days.

    Looks like each generation believes it is going to personally witness the end of the world. How special is that? And how narcissistic too.

  • Nathan Natas
    Nathan Natas

    OMG! That is funny, John.Prestor!

    I'm sorry, but I got out in the mid-1970s (not because of 1975, but because I learned that the WTB&TS protected pedophiles), and I have kept up with Watchtower bilge purges since then. The WTB&TS have become masters of "plausable deniability"!

    I think you should write that letter! It is PERFECT!

    "Dear Asshole,

    Hey buddy, it's been more than about 5 years, thanks for trying to fuck up my chances at getting a good job, know you didn't mean to but seriously, what the hell? Who else did you tell? Did you ever apologize? You didn't even have the balls to say what you meant, you couched it in two qualifiers, "probably" and "about" but you didn't want me to think probably or about, you wanted me to read between the lines and only hear the 5 years thing. Shame on you."

  • Nathan Natas
    Nathan Natas

    redvip2000 observed, "Yeah, the Trump presidency has lit a fire in the butts of JWs. Even my family has made little comments about the current state of things. They see in Trump the fuse that will set the system on fire."

    Then, of course, in a few years when Trump is gone, is back to sad faces and back to looking for the next crisis.

    I can't recall ever hearing them say that when a Commie-Crat was in power, can you? What does that tell us about the divine plan of the ages?

  • nowwhat?

    At the 2017 DC tony da turd specifically declared "armageddon is imminent!" That was now over a year and half ago.

  • Nathan Natas
    Nathan Natas

    WTWizard advised, "...To me, there is only one reason to drop out of college. If you find yourself getting into too much debt from student loans, that might be reason to drop out (and even then, you alone make that decision). If you are going through college with a minimum of student debt (or none at all), you should not be dropping out--and certainly not so you can live a life of drudgery and stagnation pious-sneering."

    There is at least one additional reason to drop out of college; if your major happens to be something like "cis-gender studies" or "the language and culture of trilobites" or some other useless blither, face reality: you are not going to become the first Star Fleet Admiral with that kind of education. Learn how to do a PERFECT drywall installation instead and you will find yourself well-fed and comfortable for the rest of your days. CRAFTSMEN (and CRAFTSPEOPLE for you hopeless snowflakes out there) will ALWAYS be in demand. Meet the demand.

  • Bungi Bill
    Bungi Bill

    Nothing like wanting to have it both ways!

    In the early 1980s, when the WTS began another campaign to promote "pioneering", the Circuit Overseer posed the question "Can you see this system lasting another ten years?" His next sentence, though, carried the proviso "Please do not say the Circuit Overseer said Armegeddon was coming in less than ten years".

    Bloody hell!

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