"This system will probably be over in about 5 years"

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  • ToesUp

    WT wrote an article in 1969 that told our family members that they would not even finish their education. Those family members are now in their late sixties to early seventies. Guess what? They have NO education, no money and no retirement plan. They are working low wage, hard labor jobs. Deep down inside we know that they are scratching their heads. They won't admit it.

    My spouse and I are at the point that we would rather live here and now than spend eternity with the JW nutters. Just my 2 cents.

  • Half banana
    Half banana

    The way JW governance works is by holding to the doctrine of "the perpetual imminence of Armageddon". This scam is a key to the longevity of the cult. It will break down nevertheless as people become more informed and see how untruthful the JW organisation is.

    The success of the GB is measured by the commitment of the flock to a very early fulfilment of Bible kingdom prophecy. Those who think otherwise are malingering low life, almost apostate. Oh no! how terrible!

  • stan livedeath
    stan livedeath

    same shit--different day.

  • fulltimestudent

    A funny co-incidence here .... in the long, long ago (about 1952) when I was young and everything in the world seemed young and fresh (not old and faded as they seem now-grin). I asked the father of the young man who studied with me, " How long before Armageddon and the New World?" (NW was the JW jargon at the time). Norm (his name) answered, "Well we don't know the day or hour, but it seems to me that the Old World (more jargon) cant last more than another five years."

    Well, of course it did! And, it didn't seem too long before I went to old Norm's funeral - just another human who did not see the fulfillment of the promise (Hebrews 11:39). Now his son (my teacher) is in his 80's and cant last much longer.

    But reading this thread, I suddenly thought, where did old Norm get his idea of 5 years from? Cannot confirm any source with certainty, but I do know that Ted Jaracz (then the Branch Servant - more jargon - at the nearby Strathfield Betherl) was a frequent visitor at their home. Was Ted J. the source of the five years concept? Guess I'll never know, but it's possible.. Doesn't matter anyway, its all bullshii !!!!!

  • jookbeard

    nmnwe've heard it all ; its just around the corner, its so close you can even smell it, LOL, fools, as soon as they cry "peace and security" the end would come (1986 being the international year of peace) the creators promises to be realised before the end of the 20th century, what promises?

  • Half banana
    Half banana

    I expect they were saying the same thing in the 1880s. It's wishful thinking.

  • john.prestor

    Incognigo Montaya, thanks for the encouragement man. That's part of what I'm working on these days, trusting my gut, and it seems to work. You're right, there could be some resentment hiding in there, I heard Witnesses expess resentment towards office workers and professors at services there, too. It makes sense given how close they lived to a college town and like Toesup said I'm sure all the sacrifices some of them made for nothing weighed on them at some deep unconscious level.

    Fulltimestudent, that's pretty interesting, I wonder the same thing, did the CO just come up with that date, he liked to hype the imminence of Armageddon (sir82 I thought of your bug-eyed remark and I laughed writing this), he said something like I'll see you guys in six months if we get there, he told them they wouldn't see their kids grow up. Other COs I saw didn't really pound on that drum, it's just ballsy to say something like that anymore, what if an Elder reported him to the Branch? Either he's cocky as hell (and he was) or somebody authorized him to say that, that's the only thing that makes sense to me, kind of like you're implying with Ted Jaracz. I guess some things will stay mysteries forever.

  • Ding

    In 1972, they told me the new system was probably less than 4 years away.

    It's still here 47 years later.

    They told me I would never grow old in the system of things.

    But I did.

  • westiebilly11

    Delayed hope. Carrot forever on a stick. "Expectation postponed makes the heart sick.."

  • nowwhat?

    At 58 years old I wish I had a dollar for every time i heard that. It's the CO's job to keep everyone on their toes. I've never known one to say: " ya know I don't think Armageddon is gonna come anytime soon I wouldn't worry about it"

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