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  • Tricked

    Looks like he is still posting on the thread in reply to the JW comments of those who feel they might lose a member:

    Therealginna Misshynek Bill Jones all i say is that Jehovah God will deal with all sort of wickedness, outside or within the organisation. don't lose your focus on the truth because of whos doing what. but keep in mind that just because some elders else where in the world chose to best withhold a certain offensive matter, it doesn't mean the whole organisation is included. and in anycase, be careful that this does not draw you from the truth. it is Jehovah you worship, not the organisation. i pray that any discouragement you may be facing be dealt with with Jehovah's help. i would not want to lose you, you are my brother

    Bill Jones I was taught that the organisation was The Truth. Realizing that was just another lie is devastating. My relationship with Jehovah will not be damaged. If anything, I have been able to study more and look at things in a better light now that I know that the GB are not the FDS but rather our slave-masters burdening their followers with ever more demands for more donations, more service, more meetings, more comments, more study, more 'new light' to keep us busy.

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    Divergent, excellent post.

  • Mad Irishman
    Mad Irishman

    If you know anything about the Catholic Church abuse scandal trying to compare it to Jehovah's Witnesses is sort of like comparing the sun to the moon. They are both round spheres out in space, but one doesn't equal the other. You have to take your emotional interest and your emotional disdain for witnesses out of your head and heart in order to look at things straight and truthfully sometimes.

    A local priest where I come from admitted to abusing over 400 boys over the course of 30 years. That's one priest! I know of about 80 priests from my area who have been accused of molesting approximately 5,000 children. In Milwaukee one priest is accused of molesting over 300 deaf boys who were in the care of the Catholic Church. In one diocese in Ireland several priests molested over 100 disabled children. There are some cities where there are thousands of Catholic children victims of priest molestation. On top of that the Church knew the whole time, and time and again simply "reassigned" priests to different parishes. I've had several family members who are raped by priests as children. My friend was raped by a priest for 10 years. That priest was reassigned 6 times to different parishes and molested around 100 boys that they know of.

    I didn't see that prevalence among witnesses. And just like in society in general most molestation cases among witnesses are done by family members, not elders who rape 20, 30, 40, 200 kids, get reassigned somewhere else, and then rape another 100 kids, only to do it again and again after that. Trying to connect those dots is disingenuous. That is all I'm saying.

    I know this is a very emotionally charged issue. But some common sense needs to be used when discussing this and comparing it to the Catholic Church. Most of my family is Catholic. And I've never seen any molestation scandal so large in scope with so many people from the top to the bottom, including all the bishops, cardinals, and Popes as the Catholic molestation scandal that was so egregious and disgusting. Comparing witnesses to that scandal would be akin to comparing 9/11 to the 6 million Jews and 8 million non-Jews Hitler killed in the Holocaust.

    You may not like that opinion, but that is closer to the truth than a lot of the over-the-top comparisons you read here sometimes.

  • steve2

    Mad Irishman, your focus on comparisons is odious. It means that a lot of bad stuff gets swept under the carpet because it is clear that what happens in a much, much larger group is invariably going to be worse than what happens in a relatively small group.

    The Catholic Church will always have larger numbers of perpetrators and victims than JWs because it is a monumentally larger religious group than JWs.

    There are over 1.2 billion Catholics in the world and in the United States, close to 70 million. Now compare that to JWs (8.2 million worldwide and 1.2 million in the US).

    You needlessly complicate things - and dig a huge hole for yourself - by comparing it to Jews killed in the Holocaust with those killed in 9/11. What a disgusting point you make. So what are you trying to say? That outrage over the more than 3,000 killed in 9/11 needs to be tempered because it was nowhere near the millions killed in the Holocaust?

    Why does it have to hinge around hugeness of numbers before it counts for anything?

    Why cannot the JWs be held accountable for their failures as regards policies and practices concerning child sexual abuse in their ranks?

    Who ever said JWs were worse than the Catholics in terms of the scope of child abuse?

    What has been the topic of much discussion on this forum and elsewhere is the sheer hypocrisy of the JW organization in vilifying the Catholic church's shocking record of child sexual abuse whilst minimizing the organization's own problematic policies and practises with regards child sexual abuse.

  • Flg8ter
    Like saying a murderer of only a couple people isn't nearly as bad as a serial killer.........or given the numbers, 1.25 billion Catholics worldwide vs. around 8 million dubs, the figures of abuse could be almost proportionately similar. Which tells me, they're all the same
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    "...JW brothers you shouldn't be sharing this post. We know who controls the media... please remove..."

    "Anything that paints the WT Org in an unflattering light is from the Devil! Even if it's true!!!"

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