Jehovah's Witnesses new world HQ nearly complete. From The Chronicle.

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  • William Penwell
    William Penwell

    I remember growing up my brother and myself were wanting to join the Boy Scouts as a "worldly" friend of ours was one. That was a big fat NO by my mother as per borg detective.

  • OrphanCrow
    millie: What was the reason for no Boys Scouts?

  • millie210

    Hi Orphan!

    So patriotism eh?

    I guess it could have been just about anything couldnt it?

  • zeb

    "I promise on my honour, to do my duty to god and the Queen. To help other people and to to obey the scout law."

    If I recall it correctly.

    So they are trying to show involvement with a side of society areas they forbid their own to be part of. just checked the building video; no solar panels to be seen. No sign of the blasphemous "JWorg" sign either But that may come later.

  • smiddy

    Their going to have a Bible museum ? When I first joined they were using the American Standard Version as opposed to the King James version , then they acquired the Byington`s bible , and then the King James Bible..

    While producing the books of the Hebrew Scripture before producing the individual books of the Christian Greek Scriptures

    It`s certainly not going to win any friends in real Bible Scholarship.

    It will only , and that is the intent, of blinding the minds of the believers.

    Oh and another thing , they have an observation tower ? over the complex ?




  • jwleaks

    Pity the JWs couldn't look after their own children the way they look after the children of other religions and atheists.

  • dozy

    It just looks like a college campus to me complete with residential accommodation etc. Probably one of the potential uses when it is sold on 15 or 20 years in the future when the WTBTS decides to "relocate" somewhere else. As ever - build with free labour , hold for a few years , sell for tax free profit , rebuild elsewhere. Rinse and repeat.....

  • nonjwspouse

    Thanks for the link, Toes. I've been on a posting frenzy.

  • OrphanCrow
    millie: So patriotism eh?
    I guess it could have been just about anything couldnt it?

    Pretty much. But the Boys Scouts' mandate to educate children on how to be good citizens is the primary reason why scouting is off limits to JWs.

    Huh. The Boys Scouts were probably working on their "good citizen" badge - by working with the JWs they were doing a good deed because they were teaching a bunch of religious nuts how to be good citizens. Someone had to teach them and who better than the Boys Scouts?

  • nonjwspouse

    Now that this article is out showing how it is approved to help out the Boy Scouts, each congregation ( awake person within to coordinate) should choose a Boy Scout troop to donate time and resources to. Then let's see how quick THAT gets squashed! Ok for corporate -not ok for the R & F, same o'l same ol'.

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