Has the Society ever considered night witnessing?

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  • Sunspot

    Night witnessing has been around since I joined the JWs in 1972. When the "special tract" work was going on (EVERY publisher was GIVEN 100 tracts to distribute within 10 days and night meetings for Field Service were scheduled at the KH every night but meeting nights) we were EXPECTED to go, just before 1975 it REALLY was pushed where I lived back then. (Western MA)

    We had to MAKE SURE (tm) that EVERYONE in the territory had been witnessed to cuz the END was NEAR !

    Annie........who was in my 30's back then.......and now have grandchildren who are old enough to be married.....and STILL waiting for the "end"......

  • shera

    I can remember when I was going to the meetings,they talked about it and some went out in the evenings.They said"this is a good time to get not at homes."

    I never went out...

  • jws

    I remember when I was putting in the 60 hours a month (though they never let me have the official aux pioneer title). I'd go out with another pioneer at night. We'd hit places like laundromats sometimes until about 11pm. At the time, when I cared about such things, it was a great way to have a full-time job and get in 4-5 hours/night on the non-meeting nights. Sometimes it was even pretty easy. Nobody at the laundromat, leave a couple of old mags, and move on.

  • Soledad

    during the 2 years I lived with my family in Caracas, Venezuela night witnessing (6pm-9pm) was actually

    PREFERRED over daytime witnessing. Reason being was that in a metropolitan area, such as

    Caracas, it was well near impossible to get into a residential building during the day because the

    concierge would never let anyone in. At night, everyone was at home and there was a better chance of

    actually speaking to someone at their doors. Now this was the theory and reasoning used by the elders

    and Ministry school speakers. In practice, people hated us regardless of what time of day it was!

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