refusing to go in service with someone

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  • enoughisenough

    Did you ever refuse to go in service with someone? I did...

    I went to the KH to meet for service and 3 brothers were there. I told the brother taking the lead, that when he made up the car groups to take note I had a plan of my own -the 3 brothers could go together and I would do my own thing. I told him plainly I wasn't going in service with a certain brother in the group. Needless to say the COEB called me later to put me in my place. Here is what I told him: The Bible says a man who doesn't take care of his own household is worse than an unbeliever.

    The brother I wouldn't go in service with was an Elder/pioneer. His wife of over 30 years had alzheimers. He and the wife got into an upset because he was jealous of her grown children and threatened to kill them if they came around. (I don't know all the details) but the ending was he took her and a few of her clothes to her son's home ( while he was at work ) Along the way, he threw away his wedding ring. So the women ( I think 80year+- ) was found wondering around in her son's yard when he got home. She had nothing but a few clothes that the elder/pioneer husband had thrown out in the yard when he ditched her. He put an ad in the paper that he would not be responsible for her. She got a wee SS check, but it went to his bank account. I helped the Son pool some money so as to open her a bank account so she could get her SS check.

    After all of this, the brother was giving parts on the platform and up to the time he died of a heart attack, the congregation thought well of him. A sister later told me that the woman's children had stolen their mother away from the husband... I knew better... And if that wasn't ugly enough, the brother had left the home to his son (an elder) who wouldn't let ( what would be his step mother who raised him) have any of her own belongings out of the home after the brother died... The brother had a brother in law who was a circuit overseer. They were also at the house when the older sister with alzheimers along with her daughter came to get some of the old sister's belongings. I was glad she couldn't remember the awful way these wonderful JWs elders treated her. (there are some other bad things in this story, but I will spare you. )

  • hoser

    When I was more in “the truth” I knew of certain people that were not allowed to be put in the same car group by the person making the arrangements.

    In both instances they were sisters that were not supposed to go with young pioneer brothers

    I was told not to assign 35 year old married sister with pioneer brother 25 year old. Then the elder said to me don’t put her with any unmarried brothers

    The other time I overheard not to put 45 year old horny pioneer sister with 30 year old mts brother. They had a thing going it was common knowledge but swept under the rug as they were both circuit stars

  • Biahi

    And these people claim to be the only true Christians. 🤮 I have stories too.

  • LongHairGal


    I believe you about not wanting to go out in service with certain people.

    I have been out of the JW religion for over 21 years so this will never be an issue for me ever again. But, so much has happened within the religion in the last several decades that would totally change just WHO I would even bother with - much less ‘going out in service with’, if at all. Sorry if this offends anybody but this is how it is.

    As I said, I’m Out so this is hypothetical. I have no desire to even be introduced to anybody’s crazy ‘bible study’. Forget about anybody recruited from prison witnessing. Keep on walking. I’m not interested in making their acquaintance.

    At least back when I was in the religion the people were more ‘normal’. I still couldn’t stand being with some of them.. But, I would not now tolerate what has come into the religion and their ‘association’ would not be inflicted on me, regardless of what anybody in the idiot religion would think.. You’re not going to see me confined in the close quarters of a car group or anywhere else for that matter with any of them!.. Nope.

  • Ding

    Sounds like independent thinking, Enoughisenough.

    No wonder you left the borg...

  • Foolednomore

    I liked working with one partner. We would pretend to knock on doors and we secretly dumped alot (placed) Watchtower and Awake 's.

  • FedUpJW

    I told the brother taking the lead that I had a plan of my own and I would do my own thing.

    That is exactly what I did for the last several months of field circus before I just up and obviously quit. And Every. Single. Time. he would try to shoe-horn me into a group and then try to shame me into "following directions" when I refused. It's nice to be off that useless tread-mill!

  • Smiles

    That is why it is always best to "already have plans"... never allow JW leadership to make plans for you.

  • BluesBrother

    When I used to lead the FS groups , it was always difficult if people had “plans to work together “, especially if Sis. Fruitful had brought along all her kids…

    I did have one Bro. that people did not like working with. I used to get phone calls after the Service with people saying “please don’t put me with him again “ . He was an awkward so and so who said and did his own thing so perhaps they argued? He was o k with me though.

    I was more relaxed about men and women working together. I tried to treat people as grown ups.

  • punkofnice

    When I was FS group leader(tm), I had instructions from the CoBE(tm) that certain individuals were not allowed to 'work(tm)' together.

    There was one brother(tm) who was a nightmare to work with. You couldn't tell him he was bonkers either. He was 'enthusiastic(tm)'.

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