Who has ever succeeded in getting an elder fired ( demoted )?

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  • scratchme1010

    It's nearly a job for life if you don't literally fu.. up.

    I never did, but not because I couldn't. I never told anything about anyone to the elders. I had quite some dirt in quite a few elders. I saw one drinking at a hotel bar with some woman that looked like a "working woman", another carrying a birthday cake for one of his students (he was a teacher), one that dressed like Santa at a corner downtown my town. I saw a couple of them at the porn theater, and I had sex with one when he was an elder. Had sex with another who later became an elder.

    I never bothered saying anything to anyone. The reason was more along the lines that I can't really care less about the JW structure and how they do things. Plus to be honest, I think that there's some humanity in me. My encounter with the elders, as much as I was able to handle them, were not pleasant.

    I guess I was just happy of reaffirming my point that they are all full of --it, and that elders are not to be trusted.

  • compound complex
    compound complex

    A disfellowshipped individual was allowed to participate in a family event with involvement of many Witnesses.

    Some JWs couldn't just walk away; they had to make a scene. Elders in the know beforehand didn't advise the family that this was an affair for JWs in good standing only. They were not removed but rebuked and demoted.

    We, family, held nothing against the brothers because they had been "open-minded"; however, the strict sensibilities and delicate consciences of the pure ones had been so unconscionably violated.

    Action had to be taken. What a horrible mess it was.

  • LongHairGal

    While I can't say that "I" was instrumental in actually getting somebody deleted, many years ago somebody said or did something that left such a bad impression that I had to talk it over with another elder.

    I was going through a bad time and desperately needed somebody to talk to.

    I spoke to another elder.....So what I had to say just added to what they already knew or felt. Or, that's how it seemed to me at the time.

  • notalone

    An Elder with alot of connections was going after a new sister that his wife had studied with. He was using scripture (Leah and Rachel) to confuse her. I went to the elders- nothing. At the next circuit assembly I went to the CO. He called at meeting right there at the assembly. The elder was removed.

  • tiki

    Back in the day there was so much petty jealousy...someone was always plotting to get another elder forced to "step aside" as they loved to call it....my father was one who had to....he was trying to get a mean spirited nut job demoted and it all backfired because there was a power tripping circuit overseer who basically led dear old dad on then whammied him.....but I think it was good ultimately that he got kicked out of office....the other dude ended up moving to where the need was great...blessing to the cong that was. And we all lived happily ever after......hah

  • compound complex
    compound complex

    "I think it was good ultimately that he got kicked out of office....the other dude ended up moving to where the need was great...blessing to the cong that was. And we all lived happily ever after......hah" -- tiki

    Sounds like home. The faithful who endured "nut job" breathed a collective sigh and an oblique reference was made during local experiences at an assembly that there were difficulties in the congregation that had been endured with Jehovah's help.

    The dear and loyal JWs I knew there suffered so terribly under the tyrant's reign of terror.

  • Bill Covert
    Bill Covert

    In the 2013 summer convention in the "Human Apostate" talk there was mentioned a apostate who was doing something new as he was writing letters addressed to the homes of the publishers. I am the person they are talking about. On this site I read three posters referring to that letter writer speculating on content of those letters, of which those contents were posted on this site and JW Survey of which went right over the top of every bodies heads. To date only two people have figured out the connection between the new RNWT Lev.5:1 and the 1987 Sept.1 Wt article "A Time to Speak When" and how that uncovers the WTBS Gestapo policy of having brothers inform on each other to be a 'apostate' policy. Just as Deut.22:25-27 shows the 'two witness rule' to be an apostate policy.

    As stated in the "Human Apostate" talk 2013 the letters were addressed to the homes of the publishers, the purpose being of penetrating the WTBS 'wall of silence' enforced through shunning as the written information gets plugged directly into the internal church "grape vine" thus spread through out the "grape vine".

    So why would the :grape vine" circulate apostate information and material dealing with Lev.5:1?

    To keep up with the mental chess match being played between Merton Campbell of the WTBS Service Dept. Northern Cailf. desk and myself as it was the local elders who were used as chips in the game.

    There was the real self righteous, gnat straining, disfellowshiping, pain in the ass PO who was the typical JW "broom pusher" who also managed 4 or 5 rental houses. The house he lived in the city purchased for a community park so the elder was given $6,000.00 relocation money. In another rental lived a black single parent sister. So on the quite the elder had the rental of the sister painted, repairs so on moving day he moved out the sister and he moved in. So he still got cheap rent plus $6,000.00, the sister got the shaft. He was removed as PO but remained an elder. Realize Merton Campbell had to go about the removal in such a way so as to not let on that it was really the apostate "Rabshakeh" who was pulling the strings.

    Then there was the PO who refused to forward letters of criminal investigation in regard to a $4.250,000M unregistered securities swindle at the heart of the Lev.5:1 'chess match' to Merton Campbell in the Service Dept.. I got him busted as the PO because of him keeping quite a family secret that a Mexican family had arranged for the Mexican branch of the family in Chihuahua Mexico to protect their family member who was in business partnership with the PO's step son from being cheated out of his half of their cast iron bird cage making business in Chihuahua Mex. So the Mexicans grabbed the JW Elder step son and gave him the choice of either buying out his younger Mexican partner or they would kill him and plant him in the Mexican desert. Well the Elder step son came back from Mexico with a sever case of post traumatic stress syndrome he attributed to a childhood event. Seems he also got hooked on pills. Realize that there exists a situation where basically a JW family puts out a contract to kill another JW and it is all covered over because the 'whistle blower' and string puller is a 'apostate'. [I believe the local Mexican family just asked for the Mexican branch "just to do something" to prevent their son from being another victim of a known cheating elder and the Mexican branch put the Mexican touch to the job] This is a long story; the step son Elder created problems for me, but introduced two of my sons to two Mexican girls in Chihuahua who's marriages were disasters, long story.

    Then there was the Elder [ex brother in law] who I got removed as a few years prior a young brother was canoeing down a creek with a nudi beach and there was this hairy bare assed naked JW heating his meat.

    The divorced wife of the swindler central to the Lev.5:1 story came through Redding one time and it came to me that she had alleged the swindler was a homo sexual so I went to Penney's and purchased $50 worth of pretty pink "Flurtitude Panties" and taped them to the KH doors. Just something I picked up from Martin Luther.

    But what I really did was tape Shasta County Superior Court case #149893 where the swindler was cheating a widow out of $100,000 to the KH doors resulting in the demise of the elder at the center of the Lev.5:1 chess match. Read the details in my earlier posts.

    But the really interesting thing was in February I got a phone call from some one who was researching the swindler [as he swindled another widow in Southern Calif] where they Googled his name and low and behold unbeknown to me my name was attached to his taking the reader to this web site and also to JW Survey.

    So right now the WTBS has a conundrum; what to do with a swindler who has defrauded widows and seniors ever since 1982 continually [check out "Royal Flush Phil's" post on my topic]?

    What to do with the Redding Elders who deceived the WTBS Service Dept. Merton Campbell when Campbell charged Ray Dale and West Enterprise Cong. Elder Body with investigating Ray Dale defrauding a widow, as some of the elders monies was under Ray Dale's control as they were investors in Ray's schemes?

    What to do with South Redding Elders who were terrified of Ray Dale's "wolf pack" Acts 20: 29,30 and refused to forward two letters of criminal investigations into Shasta County Superior Court Case # 109555 of a $4.250,000M unregistered securities swindle per direct instructions in the WTBS commentary on Lev.5:1 in the 1987 Sept 1 article "A Time to Speak When" [of which no one on this site has taken the time to read]?

    What to do with me revealing the WTBS 'Gestapo' policy of informants is an "apostate" policy as in the article "A Time to Speak When?" [by very careful reading of the commentary on Lev.5:1 then application one can read ally see the slight of hand where the WTBS switched the "victim man doing the public cursing" with the "sinning witness who refused to bring forth testimony on the matter before the Jewish court, read Lev.5:1 in new RNWT!]? You guys on this site are not real good at being able to pick up on the the biggest story on the new RNWT and why there is absolutely silence on the WTBS part as to this major change!

    So if the new RNWT reveals that what I have been putting in those letters mentioned in the "Human Apostate" talk 2013 proves that it is the WTBS own policy of having brothers inform on each other is in reality deceptive and apostate then how will that influence the understanding that the "two witness rule" on molestation's is in reality an "apostate policy" per Deut. 22:25-27 as brought out on this site?

    So indeed the WTBS has a conundrum going on in California. A lot of energy going on that I am ramping up and the church is trying to suppress.

    So yes I have had elders removed

    Bill Covert aka "Rabshakeh" the apostate

  • Chook

    I tried pretty hard once to get a 26yo elder removed for revealing confidential information that was said in a elders meeting with me. I told young elder his wife needed " whipping into line " . The next day elders wife confronted me and said " I need whipping into line do I ". I raised issue before a round table of five elders including the 26 yo and asked him to swear on bible he didn't tell his wife of which he swore he didn't, then I responded by saying there's is only one bloke right in the black book Pontus Pilate and quoted him when he said what is truth.

  • tiki

    Rabshakeh....write the book! Absolutely amazing! What a bunch....

  • Bill Covert
    Bill Covert

    There is a book being written. It has been on the desk of the author ever since the RNWT was released with its revision of Lev.5:1. It took one and a half years for them to wrap their head around just how important the Wt.1987 article [dealing with a nurse who is now married to a uncle of mine, you will have go read my topics posted on this site] "A Time to Speak When" and the revision the RNWT made to Lev.5:1. Once the connection was made it launched the most intensive research project those people have ever undertaken. Only two problems; they are up in years with declining health issues and have plates overflowing with molestation issues. I only know the direction they are taking the book, they have kept the details close to their chest and what they are doing with Lev.5:1 is there intellectual property, as they are working above my pay grade. I have been assured there will be a lot of ooh's and aah's but it has been a very time intensive project with diminished energy it my be a while. The existence of a book project is known in my letters but who the writers are and where they are going with the material I have been instructed to not revel.

    My intellectual property is in the mental chess match [being played out in letters to the internal grapevine of the church] between myself and the church Service Dept. [only been at it for 28 years]. That intellectual property centers on the Lev.5:1 commentary in the article "A Time to Speak When" and a swindler who has defrauded widows and seniors with in the JW church ever since 1982 starting in San Diego with a multi level marketing scheme, then came to Redding three or four years later now back to the San Diego area currently.

    The amazing part is that it has been 3 and a half years since the release of the RNWT and there are now currently three people who realize the enormity of the size of that revision. Only two who realize that the WTBS has cloaked that revision in silence. Amazing that such a web site as this can have information that revel's WTBS policy to be apostate policy fly right over their heads being above their pay grade to comprehend, Amazing!

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