Some of my Portfolio in Photography I promised to post

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  • SheilaM

    Shutter: I do some color in fact my son's prom pics I'm posting soon is in color. But, I really love B&W, I love thinking of how things will look in it. I also love Sepia too. I will be taking color in Fall Semester. Thanks

    JamesT: It's 35mm I use a Cannon Rebel I have a regular lens that goes to 80 and then my zoom is 70 to 210. I love my camera it rocks I don't use the automatic settings much I prefer the manual settings.Thunder just bought me a tri-pod and he got me everything under the sun to set up my darkroom for Mothers Day. We are working on that as we speak it will be B&W for now. The enlarger is a Besler. I use a red filter for my pics to get good detail in the sky. I got an A in Photography and I'm taking an advanced class now.

    Shamus: Thank you so much

    Razor: Thanks and sure I love to snap pics, I would love to be the Apostafest photographer

  • more2C


    Great photos! I come from an Art background, so I think your photos are really good. No wonder you got an "A". I love the photo of the balloon at a carnival(?).


  • JamesThomas

    Beselers are cool. Use to have a 23 C II. Double stand, built like a truck. I loved it. Don't have a darkroom anymore though.

    Darkroom work is quite romantic. You'll love it. The smells of the chemicals, the warm glow of the safe light. Burning and dodging. Thunder will never see you again. Photography is a great hobby. Helps you see the whole world in a different way.

    Good luck,


  • SheilaM

    More2C: Thank you, I'm glad you liked them. This is the first time I've shared this aspect of art with anyone.

    JamesT: Yep, I can't wait to be in the darkroom. I love the peacefulness of the creative process just me and the enlarger and the chemicals. I love burning and dodging but I try to not make a beautiful pic in the dark room, I try to take it the way I want it. So, far I've just burned one and doged two.

    Here is the double exposure of Thunder but bigger:

  • jgnat

    The composition is very nice on a lot of these. The subject fills the frame, diagonals help the eye rove through the picture. Very, very nice.

  • Cassandra Cain
    Cassandra Cain

    Those are awsome Sheila!!!! ^__^ LOL UR is OOOOh ing and Ahhh ing over them she sayz she wants to buy some prints of them from you ..heh hey you might conciter getting a deviant account then you could get a print account and sell prints (from your own site too).

    hope to see more!


  • SheilaM

    Jgnat: Thanks glad you liked them. I did 4 out of 4 points on composition. I only missed a couple of points one was due to fixer spots on Mak's face.(I ran out of paper and wasn't going to drop another $50 when I had just had Thunder spend a ton of money the week before LOL) One he thought I had scratches on my high contrast print it was actually the reflection of the trees in the water LOL One he wanted darker (he loves dark prints) I didn't so I chose to take my artistic license and do what I liked LOL

    Cassandra: WOW*!!!! Glad you and UT liked them, tht is cool. Write me and tell me how the Diviant works, do I still print them or what?

  • SheilaM

    I had my other advanced photo class today, they loved my work We had to pick the two pictures out of the ones we brought in (they were all displayed) I had no idea that the winning choice won film and printing flowere won that I posted above. They all loved it.

    So I paid $60.00 for the class I got advice and help from two photo journalists, I had my four prints kept and they will be displayed at the photo store (lab). I won about $20.00 worht of supples, was given a nice photo book with black and white prints. I also was given a roll of film and lens cleaner and 5 hours in the darkroom. I say SCORE

  • shera

    Very nice Sheila

    I love B/W photos.

    The baby pic was great.

  • Jade

    Very nice work Sheila. I love black and white. I have several Ansel Adams pictures in my office.


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