BBC News "The ex-Jehovah's Witnesses shunned by their families"

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  • snare&racket

    BBC News website has this linked on front page.

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  • slimboyfat

    Mmm... the article says one was DFed for going to the police about a violent partner and the other was DFed after missing the Memorial.

    If I'm skeptical of those claims I don't know what active JWs will make of them.

    JW shunning is bad enough, no exaggeration is required.

    It's not necessarily the fault of the former JWs. Don't underestimate the ability of the BBC to misstate basic facts and mess up a story.

  • smiddy

    The more this policy of the Jehovahs Witnesses gets advertised the better ,the general public need to be aware of what they could be getting into by joining this religion .

  • Onager

    I just read this article and my first thought is that my family is going to dismiss it because "No one gets DF'd for missing a memorial."

  • slimboyfat

    I can see how it happened. This person probably had doubts, started expressing them to family and friends, and it was bubbling away for a while. Then he missed the memorial, it brought things to a head and the elders confronted him. So it was probably part of a complicated story.

    The BBC presentation of the situation that he was DFed "after he missed a memorial service" is pretty abysmal whatever way you look at it. Members of the public are going to think it was a funeral service and JWs are going to think it's a load of rubbish.

  • steve2

    I agree Onager. Some think that any adverse publicity about JW organization is good publicity because it exposes JW organization's shameful policies.

    Perhaps or perhaps not. All you need is one or two inaccuracies in an otherwise found piece of writing for the whole lot to be dismissed - and I get how that happens. The impact of inaccuracies weakens the potency of valid claims.

    Is there provision for readers' comments so that you can point out the inaccuracies whilst advocating the overall valid statements?

  • smiddy

    Hi Slim and others replying .I think we need to give the journalist a bit of slack here ,they are ignorant of the nuances of JW speak.

    ( even JW`s are LOL)

    I think in both cases their were other factors that came into play for them being disfellowshiped ,such as the questioning of blood transfusions ,only 144000 going to heaven ,and also the belief that we are living in the last days and Armageddon is imminent.

    Disbelieving any of these is grounds for disfellowshiping when voicing those concerns to anybody else.And any other concern they may have raised with their Elders that was not noted by the journalist.

    Just saying

  • slimboyfat

    BBC don't allow reader comments on most articles. Otherwise many Scots would have a lot to say on their abysmal political commentary.

  • pale.emperor

    I just read this article and my first thought is that my family is going to dismiss it because "No one gets DF'd for missing a memorial."

    I agree. In fact i used to dismiss news articles that criticized JWs because they'd always make an exaggeration.

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