Finding the value of God; Isn't it better to believe in a deity?

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  • Perry
    God is just a mechanism to make you feel that there is something after death.

    Materialism is a fairytale for some adults to bolster their vain hope that there will be no consciousness and no judgment after they die. This is impossible.

    Hebrews 9: 27 - it is appointed once for men to die and then judgment

    We ALONE among all the animals have the great gift of morality, being made in the image of the eternal God. And with that great gift comes great responsibility. All have failed this responsibility ....... except one.

    Amos 4: 12 - "prepare to meet thy God"

  • Mephis

    There's a good argument to be made that waiting for God to come sort out problems can be very harmful. Religion is a social force towards conservatism, which can be really helpful in rapidly changing times as it can provide cohesion in a society. But when a society needs to be making quick changes then that brake to progress may not be beneficial at all.

    On an individual level that can also be true. Religions deal in myths and improvable and illogical happenings. Sometimes social cohesion comes at the cost of telling people not to worry too much about their current situation because God's going to cover it next time round. That's a kind of sucky thing to do to the enslaved or the impoverished.

    I hope for the Christian believers that it doesn't turn out the Zoroastrians were right. That would be so close but so far for you guys as you walk down the Chinvat bridge. Not sure they do runners-up prizes. For the non-believers, I guess we're more conscious of how we can create and shape the meaning to our lives. Quite empowering to carry our own lights through the darkness (to borrow from Kubrick).

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