Shunning: Reasoning With JW's

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  • Vidiot

    "Watchtower-colored glasses"...

    ...I gotta remember that one.

  • ElderEtta

    Papal dispensation. Papal dispensation is a reserved right of the pope that allows for individuals to be exempted from a specific Canon Law. Dispensations are divided into two categories: general, and matrimonial. Matrimonial dispensations can be either to allow a marriage in the first place, or to dissolve one.

    Watchtower governing body dispensation. Watchtower governing body dispensation is a reserved right of the 7 men that allows for individuals to be exempted from their shunning policy. Since exemptions to the shunning policy is not biblically defined the seven men have lovingly added to scripture by providing for family members to associate with disfellowshipped members of their family as long as such ones are living under the same roof.

  • The Fall Guy
    The Fall Guy

    w83 4/1 p. 24 par. 18 Reject Apostasy, Cling to the Truth!

    "Therefore, no loyal modern-day witness of Jehovah (not Christ!) would greet a disfellowshipped or disassociated apostate or allow that one to use his Christian home as a place from which to spread doctrinal error."

    That's what Kingdom Halls are for - to spread doctrinal error, but primarily to make money for a U.S. "charity" which doesn't declare its income & expenditure to the suckers who donate.

    Isn't "God's earthly organization" a shining example of openness and honesty!!!!!!!

  • Sliced

    If God is LOVE then LOVE is GOD. LOVE. IS. GOD. Get it? (You may have to dwell on it a bit for it to sink in if you are a JW)


  • Island Man
    Island Man

    The thought recently occurred to me that if the Bible really stipulated the kind of shunning that JWs practice, then instead of saying to treat him as a tax collector, Jesus would have told his followers to treat the unrepentant sinner as a Samaritan.

    Also, the fact that JWs admit to the fact that they use shunning by family to coerce persons into returning, demonstrates how depraved of spirituality they truly are. For this disgusting practice to work, their disfellowshipped or disassociated relative would have to have more love for his JW relatives than for Jesus. That would demonstrate that he's unworthy of Jesus, for Jesus said worthy disciples should love him more than family.

    But JWs are unwittingly admitting that they love family more than Jesus so they have to take away family to force the person to return because the person's love for Jesus is not strong enough to pull them back. The person's love for family association eclipses their love for Jesus so the family has to be taken away to emotionally manipulate them into returning. It's truly an indictment on the religion, for it betrays they don't have a strong love for Jesus and they don't have a spiritual paradise. For who has to force someone to return to a paradise? You force people to return to a prison. That's exactly what the JW religion is.

  • smiddy3

    How much LOVE did Jehovah show the human race during the 4,000 years or so leading up to the baptism of Jesus ?

    Wasn`t Jehovah responsible for the deaths of millions of people ,male,female,young ,old ,children ,as well as millions of livestock that were offered up as a sacrifice to him during those 4,000 years or so ?

    Doesn`t the Bible say that Jehovah is the same today as he was yesterday and is the same as he will be tomorrow ? or words to that effect ?

    Maybe just being shunned is not as bad as being slaughtered by the God of LOVE.

    PS. I`m a victim of shunning also .

  • nonjwspouse

    Excellent post islandman!

    I personally see the biblical shunning performed by the jews /rule loving pharisees. The followers of Jesus had to experience shunning in order to follow Jesus. The followers were not shunning family. Loving Jesus more than family, IMO, means to lay your trust in Jesus and his way, and experience the shunning, that in his day, would inevitably follow. Jesus was an apostate of his born-in family religion.

    Christians are not told to shun other people, especially not family! I agree with the poster that Jesus and Paul warned to stay away from the antichrist ( false prophet) . Ones who go against the message, the way, of loving one another, helping one another. The Bible, Jesus, asks us to proclaim the way Jesus died for our sins, so we show others how are all offered a place with God and Jesus. All people have this offer through Jesus.

    This is coming from the mother of an agnostic and two who do not believe in any organized religion. I spend as much time as I can with them, and do any thing they want or need that I am able. My children are in my heart along with Jesus. My father is in my heart along with Jesus. In my fathers life, he never believed in organized religion. But his, and my children's actions are loving and helping all other people. That is the way Jesus asks us to be.

    It is not my place to question with judgement how they believe, and not theirs to question with judgement how I believe. It is all about love, of self, and others, in how a person lives their life.

    As another poster said, God is love.

    Also, IMHO, God of the old testament is a misunderstanding of how God wanted people to worship him. They got it wrong, performing sins in His name. So God sent his Son, and the new covenant, to teach his Love to people, and forgive the sins.

  • _Morpheus

    i apologize, i don't want to derail the thread, but can anyone recall where the quote about family relations continuing as normal is? i need to share it with my sons mother and i cannot recall where it is or if i have ever seen it, to be honest.

  • nonjwspouse
  • _Morpheus

    thank you so much! that explains why i can't recall seeing it.

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