Explain why you are happy if you believe there is no afterlife vs when you joined JW's

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  • Bad_Wolf

    One thing that has intrigued me are so many who have left, who are wholly convinced everything in existence is merely by chance now, also claim they wouldn't want to live forever, and perfectly fine if this is the only life.

    Now, I would understand that if you were raised into the religion. I was raised into it. My question is for those who chose to join the religion. If you joined, you would have believed that you can leave the religion and be eternally destroyed when armageddon came. The reality you are embracing now is the worst case scenario of when you were in it, eternal death. But if you joined it of your own accord and not raised in it, why did you want eternal life then and now say you would never want it?

  • EverApostate

    I am happy because, I made an extensive research on religions and found that all these eternal life, paradise, Heavan , hell, god, satan are nothing but imaginations and wishful thinking. In short they are gibberish.

    So better be happy with the reality out there.

  • JeffT
    But if you joined it of your own accord and not raised in it, why did you want eternal life then and now say you would never want it?

    I'm smarter and more knowledgeable now.


    Do I have to stay on Earth?


  • LongHairGal


    When I studied back in the ‘70s, I was interested in end-time prophecy. That’s the only reason I got involved with JWs.

    Of course, they misrepresented what they were. They said everybody was equal (a joke); that there was no clergy class (they have a plainclothes clergy and titles galore).

    The part about the “everlasting life on paradise earth” I took with a grain of salt and their idea of paradise had too many holes in it for my liking.

    I was raised Catholic and as far as I’m concerned, the JWs believe in a ‘hereafter’ just like Christendom - except they think theirs will be on earth. When I left JWs I rid my mind of these teachings and I pretty much believe ‘who knows?’ Since nobody can tell us for sure what happens, it’s still a mystery.

  • Sour Grapes
    Sour Grapes
    If I had to chose between the few remaining years before I die or living forever in a paradise run by JDub elders I chose death.
  • jp1692

    The idea of endless life was certainly an appeal to me. But it is a fantasy, not reality.

    On the other hand, the teachings, polices and practices of the JW religion prevents its members from actually living their lives now! They steal your life in exchange for a lie.

    Since leaving the religion I am able to actually live a real, authentic life.

  • DesirousOfChange

    I truly wish that the JW Panda Paradise concept was true. More importantly, I wish the concept that an all powerful omnipotent Higher Power was gonna step in and “fix” all the injustices that have occurred throughout history.

    But it just ain’t gonna happen. Life sucks. Anyone who said that life was fair or would be “made right” was lying to you.

    Im begging for evidence to prove otherwise.

  • waton

    The idea of an endless life, however, was never a question, had appeal for me. it was just assurance that life period would be guaranteed by an armageddon ( destroying those that destroy the earth) event.

    M.a.d. has assured that. so, we can do nothing about any miraculous , beyond our ken, future happenings. so I am happy, because I have valued, fulfilled my present life more, because I did not count on a future one, promised by wt or bible writers to happen.

    The universe will move on into the future, thanks for the great ride!

  • Giordano
    Bad_Wolf it was and is an illusion. "Thank you god for my daily bread and my daily illusion."

    This is a bridge a little too far for yo.

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