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  • waton
    show them how even the logic of the resulting conclusions fall apart upon scrutiny.,

    ib09: right! and placing the Faithful & Discreet Slave only into the last generation, disenfranchises the apostles, all martyrs, and empowers the Brooklyn's 7. but destroys their legitimacy if you look at those conclusions.

    New Light has been minor adjustments in doctrine. Even the Overlapping Generation still has the final point that "this generation will by no means pass away." They just kicked the can down the road...again.

    t_b_k: great!: Churches have been kicking the can since the first century, now wt wants to stop that. because the wt's anointed generation has to pass away, to be gathered to heaven.way before the end. and Jesus said that it will not pass away.ever. so:

    The anointed wt generation is not what can be construed from Jesus' words.

  • Awakenednow

    Along the same lines of parable v prophesy, wasn't there recent "light" that stated the former "evil slave class" was now considered a parable since the type anti-type interpretation was shelved? Wouldn't that make the "faithful slave class" a parable by their own interpretation? How do they rectify the disparagy? Does anyone have a current clarification? Just wondering.... kinda confusing.

  • waton
    show them how even the logic of the resulting conclusions fall apart upon scrutiny.,

    inbetween09. logic: if wt places the F&DS of 1919 in the last generation prophecy of Math 24: 34, they have agreed that Math 25 is also included in "all these things". But that chapter finishes with the sheep going off into everlasting life. So, the generation that does not pass away are the Other Sheep, not the anointed at all, for they will already have passed away prior to all this finality / infinity. so;

    the concept of the wt's anointed faithful discreet slave generation is ill conceived, a con. . not discreet, but discredited. the butt of the joke.

  • inbetween09

    My observation: the average witness has no clue whatsoever, they just nod and move on. As long as we can pet pandas in the new world....

    some bright ones try to make sense of it by wrecking their brain around it and finding some kind of sensible reasoning...of course even they end up not being able to provide a satisfying answer....well, just wait on Jehovah...

  • zeb

    I recall being told on several occasions that the f&ds was all the workers at bethel who tunr out all the mags and books for us all. This would have been in the late '70's

  • Phizzy

    Could someone be kind enough to refer me to where this wonderful Noo Lite is found in print ?

    Thanks in advance, I have been out for a decade.

  • Half banana
    Half banana

    Phizzy, there is no such thing as new light, it is a total fiction (as you know!). The idea that 1914 or 1919 are of significance is a complete red herring from the real things which matter in life. They have not got the slightest significance unless you are an anally retentive JW imagining that what the Watchtower says actually comes from an almighty God somewhere out in the spirit world. The whole story, the faux tale of Big J and Satan are fairy stories to keep the ignorant JWs tightly under the cosh and in thrall to the gb. The FDS was merely an illustration referencing the rightness of Christian cults who enticed new members by supplying food for the tramps who came only for the grub.

    Oh it's all such an unholy mess........utter rubbish in fact but repeated so many times that it almost, almost sounds like it could have real meaning ...........


    Concept faithful discreet slave.

    It`s a Parable, a Fictional Story.

    If Jesus had told a fictional story about the "Guardians of the Purple Universe".

    You can be damn sure The WBT$ GB 'Rock Star" Popes would claim to be:

    "Guardians of the Purple Universe"

    Image result for Guardians of the Purple Universe.

    Because they`re Idiots!...

  • steve2

    It is hard to square JW organization's self-adoring spin on the faithful and discreet slave emerging only after the (invisible) inspection of 1918, given that many, many notorious teachings, practises and incidents were yet in the Watchtower's future.

    How does such an approved inspection square with fat cat Rutherford making an utter prophetic circus out of 1925, accruing wealth during the dustbowl poverty of the 1930s, purchasing luxurious properties (anyone for a weekend in Beth Sarim?) while rank and file went without, viciously printing slander about anyone who challenged his authority and, after his overdue death, allowing the life-sacrificing no-blood doctrine and its ridiculously tragic exceptions (give me plasma baby and while you're at it, Factor X)?

    Is that ugly timeline the loving fruitage of an organization basking in divine approval or the foul legacy of a hungry power grab that infects too many religious groups as they age, accrue wealth and spread their noxious message?

  • Fisherman
    Concept FDS. (Wise Steward)

    Whether or not wt fulfills that role is another subject matter for debate. But Jesus parable describes some entity dispensing food when Jesus returns: ( Luke 12:43 Happy is that slave if his master on coming finds him doing so!)

    Hence, the concept is valid.

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