JW compassion?

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  • William Penwell
    William Penwell

    I have a nephew that has just recently being diagnosed with a life threatening disease through bad choices he has made in his life over the last 20 years. Now he has asked myself and my sons to be there for him and without being judgemental we have being up at the hospital every other day for the last couple of weeks. Now this is the part where I am just pissed right off.

    One of my nephews other cousins goes to the hospital and starts giving him a guilt trip, saying that this was all his own fault that she couldn't talk to him for the last 20 years and his sickness now is all because he left Jehooba organization blah blah blah. I am just beside myself that she would pull this s*** but then what to expect for an organization that is based on conditional love. If it was myself, I would have told her to f*** off.....

    Just venting but thoughts anyone?

  • steve2

    Yes, William, JWs belong to a theocratic "meritocracy": You gotta earn any compassion you might need. Those who fall on hard times due to unwise choices are neither popular nor tolerated in JWland. I knew a JW couple: one was fully committed, the other not. Guess who received a lot of judgemental comment from his wife when he was diagnosed with terminal cancer? As if the cancer were not bad enough, imagine your remaining days on earth exposed to the harsh and loveless "encouragement" from a committed JW. Sad.

  • William Penwell
    William Penwell

    If they cannot just visit the sick individual and give them moral support in their time of need without being judgemental, then stay the f*** away.

  • road to nowhere
    road to nowhere

    what of all those faithful ones who get cancer, and all the other ills? or get killed on a trip to a convention. How about the ones who do not have good insurance (money) and have to forego treatments?

    Maybe that is why the part about casting the first stone has been deleted

  • caves

    My uncle groomed, molested, then later raped not 1 but 2 of his daughters. Both daughters came forward he was arrested and is now in prison. Guess who goes to the prison to hold a bible study with him. Yep, jehovahs witnesses. His sister is married to an Elder. Pulled some strings? Also he is 'So repentant" , of course he is. Just nasty!

    On the note of bad choices and life threatening diseases and harshly criticizing ..... Most witnesses have this attitude about people they considered to have had "access" to the 'truth' but chose something different.

    If it were someone they met at the door or cart work that had never known jws with self induced diseases, then they would treat them with kindness. (to their face) And try to bring that one 'in'.

    As far as bad choices go- How many raging alcoholic elders, MS and others in the borg are there that I have known? I lost count. But if there liver fails, its just 'time and unforeseen circumstance'.(eye roll)

    William, if your nephew had a few hundred thousand to be gifted to jws or relatives after death(openly known), funny how money will change a jws behavior in cases like this. I hope your nephew pulls thru.

    Im sorry that you had the mind bending, blatant lack love experiance of dealing with that. A lot of us have seen that first hand.

  • venus

    If a farmer says "I produced all these agricultural products," we take it as a joke because we know that he is ignorant about many factors and forces that are behind the production of agricultural crops--including sun with its photosynthesis and greater SUN (God) who is ultimately responsible for the marvelous process called photosynthesis.

    Similarly, diseases occur because of so many factors and forces acting together, and the recipient's role is too insignificant.

  • punkofnice

    william. It sounds to me like this pious jobo is just making herself feel extra special by degrading someone else. This is what we expect from an organisation that copies the way the Governing body shows hatred. A pox on their eyes!

    Image result for put others down to feel better

  • blownaway

    The JWs have no compassion. The only goal is to get to Armageddon.

  • punkofnice

    blownaway - Yes. And watch millions die.

  • ttdtt

    Judging is one of JWs greatest skills.

    Remember that the GB has always created an atmosphere of competition.
    Who is more righteous than whom.

    The self-worth of so many JW is tied up in being better than someone else.

    Very very sorry man.

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