Tsunamis and Volcanos: why?

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  • StephaneLaliberte

    Volcano eruptions and Tsunamis kill at large scale and very often, without warning. How do believers explain these away? Jehovah's Witnesses say that humans die and suffer due to the original sin, but what do Volcano's and Tsunamis have to do with it? And God was done creating the earth when humans were added to the garden of eden. He was satisfied with his work. Told them to dominate the earth, but it is obvious that humans would never be able to dominate volcano's, earth quakes and tsunamis. So why would God fix it for the paradise when it was already a problem when he created the world perfect in the first place?

  • pistolpete

    Not just Jehovah's Witnesses but most Christians are under the assumption that the World was made for us. But all evidence in the past and today shows that the world was made for those that adapt to the conditions of this planet. Literally millions animals and beings related to Homo Sapiens have become extinct. They were not able to adapt. We as Homo Sapiens were fortunate to be able to adapt. Volcanos and Tsunamis are just part of the inherent way that our planet is. The earth was never intended to be a paradise for people to live forever




  • Anna Marina
    Anna Marina

    Living in a dangerous place where you can manage the dangers is one things. But not everyone is able to. However an individual would be wise to note the dangers and get out. The fact they are not getting out does not mean it is God's fault.

    If there was no warning, was that really the case? Or could it be that relations with others had broken down, therefore the group in the know did not bother passing on the message that Mount Vesuvius was about to blow.

    Also, active volcanos are tourist attractions.


    Tsunamis - not so much for obvious reasons. But providing everyone is at a safe distance you can guarantee there would be an appreciative audience. In this country we sometimes get rough seas and warning are put out not to go near the sea. So what happens? Yes you still find an audience and often someone has gone surfing too. I notice in Australia some people go surfing with sharks.

    The Bible advocates against putting your or other people lives in jeopardy. But this does not stop people from tombstoning. Nor does it stop high speed racing where cars have been know to career off the track and kill members of the audience and the driver.

    And even if you are being careful, sad fact is accidents happen. So stay alert and don't numb your senses. Also love your neighbour as yourself. They might have some useful warnings they could share with you.

  • waton

    Why? for what purpose? SL: some of the nicest places, Hawaii as an example, are the result of Volcanoes. Tsunamis should teach us to not build on sand, but move up the slope to get a wider Horizon. en toute Liberte'.

    Are we not glad that the dinosaurs did not survive their disaster?

  • pistolpete

    in this country we sometimes get rough seas and warning are put out not to go near the sea. So what happens? Yes you still find an audience and often someone has gone surfing too.

    LOL, yea that's what you call "A Human"

    I remember seeing the movie War of the Worlds with Tom Cruise. The scene when the aliens were coming out of the ground. The street was breaking up into a big hole and what do the people do-----They gather around the HOLE.

    I couldn't stop laughing, until finally the usher came and escorted me out of the theater.


  • mikeflood

    Part of earth's story, geology, the movement of the tectonic plates recycle the crust renovating it. Tsunamis, a collateral damage. It's just like in developing countries, people build into nearly the creeks and when a really bad rain comes, they are like: "why is this happening to us?".

    Guess we need to be careful, nature could ve hostile sometimes....

  • smiddy3

    Why stop at tsunamis and volcanoes ,what about cyclones/,hurricanes , earthquakes ,bushfire`s , wildfires ,floods ,tornadoes ,viruses ,plagues ,pandemics, venomous animals and insects etc,etc. Have i left anything out ?

    Oh but he is a loving God.

    Satan has never been responsible for any of these things .And he is not a creator .

    Oh but all of these things came into existence after Adam and Eve sinned ? ,that`s not in the Bible ,and these things had to be caused by God being the creator and no one else .

  • waton
    caused by God being the creator and no one else .

    s3: or, as a typical father, only a facilitator, providing an impetus, energy and let her rip.

    the deist position.

  • Fadeaway1962

    Because of man's sin and their continue rebellious attitude leading to the flood ,god withdrawal of his protection regarding the earth (even though he declared his creation as good) and that's why we now get earthquake etc .

    That how I recall it being explained might be old light now .

  • peacefulpete

    Earliest for of Yahweh worship saw all the destructive forces of nature to be aspects of Yahweh himself. In story after story he uses these natural forces to kill like extensions of himself. Fire and sulphur falling, clearly a volcano eruption. Earth opening up and swallowing people, earthquakes. Hail, floods, disease, Later reformers saw these forces as not aspects of the divine person but as merely tools at his disposal. That's why at 1 Kings 19 the redactor added the interrupting words ("but Yahweh was not in the wind...was not in the earthquake"). Later, the book of Job written quite late is in fact a philosophical rebuttal to the notion of a loving god using these weapons at all. Theological evolution away from simple animism has elevated god to being a bystander.

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