What would YOU do?

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  • SYN

    Dansk, what makes you think Yours Truly is MANAGEMENT material? I'm a programmer, for Ghod's sake! I couldn't manage my way out of a paper bag (Could definitely code my way out of a paper bag though!) The situation recently occurred on a UK TV program called "The Office", which is why I asked. I was merely interested to see what the views of the large, varied group of people here were...do you guys watch The Office? I think it's done by the BBC...?

  • StinkyPantz

    I'd take it because if you don't, someone else will and that might leave you as one of those without a job.

  • freedom96

    If that were a real situation, it sounds like the company has the goal of shutting down the one office anyways.

    They would not propose a situation like that if they were not headed in that direction anyways. Though of course I would be concerned about the fellow employees, they don't pay my bills. I would take the job, if I were convinced that they were going to shut down this office anways.

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