Most Jw would take a bullet before renouncing faith

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  • Chook

    Our enthusiasm for truth is not shared with our former brothers. They base their whole lives on a historical book yet won't look back 50 years to see origins of cult.

  • smiddy

    Good point chook however that principle also applies to believers of any faith doesnt it ?

    Though your right about religions that differentiate from mainstream religions and come under the banner of Cult.

    Most Jw would take a bullet before renouncing faith

    Or refuse a Blood transfusion to save their own life or the life of their Children or a Parent.

    And apparently they also would suffer their children to Child sexual Abuse with a molester in their congregation and not reporting them to Police or Child protection Authorities so as not to bring reproach on Jehovahs name or his Organization ,the WTB&TS.

    Keeping the faith is their main priority regardless of the consequences to their own family. ( sadly)

  • Fader812

    Chook you are right, it's called drinking the Cool-aid. It's a money machine with a low retention rate that uses family and friends to keep you captive. It's really painful to look back on my youth and think of all the things that I missed out on, especially a real education and getting laid in my high school years (I cant tell you how much trim I turned down) that sucked! :(

  • BluesBrother

    You are right, Chook. As you say in your comment they have a zeal,for "The Truth", but not so much for the concept of clear beautiful truth

  • pale.emperor

    When i was in i was 100% convinced id be sent to prison one day for my faith. The great tribulation and all that. I actually looked forward to it. A chance to prove to Jehovah and everyone else how strong my faith was.

    However... my child being born really made me re-think a lot of things. I remember thinking there was no way i'd refuse her a blood transfusion if thats what doctors said she needed. Nor would i let her be taken off me during "the great tribulation" like the Nazi's did with witnesses. Made me see that i actually loved someone more than Jehovah. That was a real wake up for me. 2 years later i start lurking on here.

  • no-zombie

    We all know that Witness visualize the WW2 German concentration camps and firing squads for the mental imagery of their forth coming persecution and testing. However, I'm convinced that the Brotherhood does not have the same level of commitment as those of years before. Of course most elders would put on a brave face and stand against the wall (for a number of reasons) ... but I doubt the bulk of the Publishers would do the same today. A lot go to the meetings, do all the stuff good JWs do and have the 'talk' ... yet their 'walk' in real life reflects they are weak as hell.

  • Saethydd

    Not too long ago I would have died "for Jehovah." Whether it was from persecution or refusing a blood transfusion. I'm so very glad I was never faced with those things, I may have foolishly ended up throwing away my one and only life.


    Most Jw would take a bullet before renouncing faith

    True Enough...

    Image result for Reality check

    Most JW`s would let the WBT$ think for them.

    Rather than taking responsibility for their own lives.

  • zeb
    • when you see the back down on '75.
    • the denial of the truth on Malawi
    • the deals done over military service in Mexico
    • the little things like birthdays are ok in some countries not others

    let alone the crackpot beginnings of the wts that they kept from me and everyone else you say to yourself what? Did I mention the use of 'theo-cratic warfare another name for lies used at the ARC and senior officials of the wt denying knowledge of the term "Theocratic warfare".

    Put my life on the line for this? F***off!

  • Chook

    When someone is willing to die for their cause, it's near impossible to change the course, suicide pilots of war are very effective, suicide women and children visit check points in Iraq and die for the cause .jws honesty believe these seven wakos of Warwick are directly guided by god. The bunker video screams fear , they constantly live in fear.

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