Can Katie Kitten get up to 100% UK coverage with our help?

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  • slimboyfat
    Landy the person leading the inquiry, Justice Goddard has specifically instructed religious groups to keep evidence relating to abuse issues. Maybe after the inquiry is finished it will be destroyed. But in the meantime that is the instruction from the government. So far as we know elders in the UK have not been made aware of these instructions by bethel, so KK's idea is to inform elders in local congregations personally what the government has requested and requires of them.
  • cofty
    Does anybody have a copy of the letter to elders?
  • disposable hero of hypocrisy
    disposable hero of hypocrisy
    What if we wrote to the coordinator, sent it registered mail, but didn't write to the MP? Not too keen on putting my name out there...
  • nicolaou


    As I understand it from Louis's videos, a copy of the letter to elders instructing them to destroy information is included in her 'pack' along with the letter from Justice Goddard and items from ARC and the Daily Mail proving that Jehovah's Witnesses have been exposed as destroying evidence.

    I've watched the videos in full and my first thoughts are that it's a very good idea. Good work Louise.

    I'm in. I'm off to work now but will email her this evening to get the pack. Thanks for the heads up Slim'


  • jhine

    Can I ask how Louise got a copy of the letter telling elders to destroy evidence and how sure she is of it's authenticity ?t is a serious undertaking to send these to local MPs , and if they were found to be a hoax then it would obviously cause a lot of damage . ( sorry about the change in writing style , I 'll sort it later ! )

    Also if the letters are believed to be genuine why haven't they been sent to the wider press and made very public ? I do not mean to disparage this campaign in any way , I just think that people must be completely sure about what they are doing when such a lot is at stake .


  • slimboyfat

    There is nothing remarkable about the letter. Apparently they are sent out to elders every year. So from that perspective there seems to be little reason to doubt its authenticity.

    It's important to note that Louise is not promoting some sort of conspiracy that JWs are destroying evidence in an organised way. So Landy has got completely the wrong end of the stick above. What she is saying is that the government has issued a specific instruction to all religious organisations to KEEP evidence. As far as we know London bethel has not passed on this instruction to local elders. So the point of this campaign is to go over the heads of London bethel and let local elders know that the government has specifically instructed them to KEEP evidence.

  • slimboyfat
    Would people please just watch the videos? It's all explained in there.
  • konceptual99

    The letter is from the elders' area on and is leaked by awake elders still in. It is a letter that is sent every year.

    As the videos make clear, the letter itself is old news, it's basically a housekeeping matter. Also, information related to child abuse cases is not included as there are specific instructions in keeping certain information related to these cases.

    As case, after case after case has demonstrated however, elders do either mistakenly destroy information related to child abuse, destroy data because they think a case is not considered to be child abuse and other circumstances.

    The letter from the UK Inquiry body is telling organisations not to destroy documents. The British Branch have not made elders aware of this. They have sent any instruction qualifying the general instruction. Either they don't know about it or are maintaining a position of plausible deniability. Should the matter come up in the Inquiry then they could claim that elders did not see the letter and their instructions did not cover data related to child abuse cases. In this circumstance an elder would be on his own.

    Under UK charity law the trustees are responsible for the actions of the charity. Since each congregation is a charity and the elders are trustees then individual elders can be held accountable for wrong actions by the charity. To this end the British Bethel is acting highly irresponsibly by not informing elders of the letter and it's implications.

    Unfortunately the implications of this shall be lost on the vast majority of elders which makes the whole exercise even more critical for the sake of any victims who may be affected by naivety of local elders and the duplicitous and callous attitude of the WT Legal Department.

  • konceptual99
    Cofty - I recall the letter was posted here but can't find it searching atm. I am sure WIFiBandit can point you in the right direction.
  • cofty
    Thanks I will get in touch with Katie. I won't be visiting any KHs to deliver them though.

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