A Video You Won't Want To Miss!

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  • clarity
  • blondie
    Didn't cappytan post that already?
  • clarity
  • LV101

    Are the governing geezers still sporting their Rolex watches? Ahh, I don't imagine they flipped them for Timex pieces. I'm sure their worshippers appreciate their style.

    I'd love to know their suits/ties/Italian shoes budget. I'm not saying they look well dressed (I wouldn't be able to stomach viewing them on videos/whatnot) but can't imagine they wear anything but the finest European threads - probably custom made shirts/Cartier cuff links and monogrammed --- Gods' rulers and all.


  • DesirousOfChange

    I remember that old Ray Stevens song. Great compilation of GB/WT scenes that fit the song to perfection!



    That's a good one.

    I think the GB will be retreating soon, espescially as "persecution" (reaping what they have sown) escalates in the legal realm.

    They could have the ultimate goal of a core group of worshippers. I can't see any other reason for the GB to remain in the spotlight much longer.


  • Beth Sarim
    Beth Sarim
    They very well could have a goal of a core group of worshippers. Others have mentioned that they can ''perceive'' a widening of the gap between the hardliner JW's(elders, CO's,) and just the average joe schmoe rank and file attendee.
  • jastrow
    Cute. The pinky rings brought that song to mind for me last year. Is that an actual Rolex though?
  • Beth Sarim
    Beth Sarim

    Unbelievable. OMG. Flashing these fancy things around on the broadcasts!!!

  • millie210

    I have watched this several times and laugh my head off each time.

    Cappy is brilliant and thanks for posting it again clarity.

    May it circulate far and wide!~

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