Not A Day Goes By Without Me Thinking About Watchtower

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  • SummerAngel

    Hi PE, this post made me think. I've been out longer than I was in however due to a relocation move I am now living closer to people still in than I have for 15 yes and this has reawakened my fascination with WTS stuff. I watch family trotting off to their indoctrination sessions and I see evidence of wasted lives, no provision for old age either materially or emotionally and feel like I want to scream wake up to this nonsense. Whilst away I lived in a non JW bubble in which our 2 vastly different cultures never met and polite conversation not talking about religion was had. I maintained good relationships with patents and siblings including 1 still in and Jdubbery was the elephant in the room. Since moving back ironically closer to be with family the differences in culture are all too evident. My brother who I have enjoyed a great close relationship with for the last 20 yes who almost left and wanted to fade has now shunned me. My others brothers wife who returned to the cult is now quite off with us. Fortunately my patents have remained OK.

    There are also loads of psychological reminders that never go away. This thing divides families and scars people for life. I was one of the lucky ones born in I escaped and got an education and never got baptised. I also remained in contact with some family. But on the plus side we are all a product of our background and the struggles I had made me who I am today. Leaving the Borg meant I could reinvent myself to be who I wanted to be.

  • pale.emperor
  • ctrwtf

    Just have to look at all those that post here regularly for years to realize that it's hard to shake off what the cult has done to you and your family. I faded 9 years ago.

    Having said that, counseling is a wonderful tool that can help you gain perspective and lessen the pain.

    Best to you...

  • Moster

    Out 40 years, and still dont consider myself 'cured' of all the brain washing.

  • stuckinarut2

    Ah yes! PE, I hear you loud and clear!

    I have had this occur on a weekly basis with all the "friends" and family I have had on instagram. People "like" a picture, or I "like theirs" and they see me...then I am blocked from them.

    It actually makes me more convinced each time that we escaped a high control cult.

    If they have to go to such extremes at the prompting of their leaders weird dictates, it proves that they are part of a disturbing and destructive mind-set...and culture of paranoia and fear. After all, it is just social media...but they feel impelled to "take a stand" and block you? Amazing really.

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