Vomit Eaters and Filthy Whores

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    When I was a JW, 'Christendom' was basically a slur. Every other religion is false and part of Satan's world, and so on. Non-JW Christians were singled out, I think because JWs in the early part of the 20th century took a lot of abuse from them in the USA. Not unexpected, from a relatively new religious group that seemed to delight in poking every other religion in the eye.

    I don't know how they would view other Christian denominations now, but they still have a mostly rigid concept of salvation. If you had a chance to hear the JW message and chose not to (or rejected it), you are doomed. I guess the new approach to judgment at Armageddon might have changed that.

  • Sea Breeze
    Sea Breeze

    Looks like there was a change in Pure Worship book:

    Do the prostitute sisters, Oholah and Oholibah, prefigure Christendom with its division between the Catholic and Protestant faiths?

    Scriptures: Ezek. 23:1-4

    Pure Worship: Chap. 15, box 15A

    Previous understanding: Oholah (Samaria, capital of Israel), the older sister, pictures Catholicism; Oholibah (Jerusalem, capital of Judah), the younger sister, pictures Protestantism.

    Clarification: These prostitute sisters are not prophetic types of any parts of Christendom. Rather, their existence serves to teach us about how Jehovah feels when those who were once his loyal people commit spiritual prostitution. His feelings regarding all false religion are similar.

    Reasoning behind the change: There is no Scriptural indication that Oholah and Oholibah are prophetic types of Christendom. Israel and Judah were once like faithful wives to Jehovah, but Christendom has never had such a relationship with Jehovah. Further, the comparisons of God’s unfaithful people to prostitutes in chapters 16 and 23 of Ezekiel offer hope of reform and restoration. Christendom, as part of Babylon the Great, has no such hope.

    Apparently, the whoredom of the Oholibah sisters now only represents to Christians who were once JW's!

    Rather, their existence (the whore sisters) serves to teach us about how Jehovah feels when those who were once his loyal people commit spiritual prostitution.

    So, WT saves the worst of their language for the few of us who make it out and then back to God inspite of their Jedi mind tricks.

    The Watchtower must be especially afraid of people like me to prompt them to bestow this esteemed honor on us. I wonder why?

    Love it! I do think the WT recognizes that a new front has opened up on them with the whole whore thing. It may turn out to be a big hole they dig and then proceed to fall in it.

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