Vid obsession

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  • Simon

    Last I heard they were going back and revising the covid death data, an admission that it was never as bad as they made out. Next you'll hear that the treatments that could have helped weren't used for political / commercial reasons. Many more were killed due to bad medical treatment.

    Expect that there will be gaslighting and no apology to any of the people saying the truth at the time who were variously banned from social media, fired or whatever.

    Ultimately, it was more about political power than healthcare, but we all lost out on both.

  • peacefulpete

    My choice was simple, accept the world's best medical professionals' advice or that of angry antiestablishmentarianist factory workers and media shock jocks.


    There’s always going to be a population of “Seniors” and “Immune Compromised.” We don’t shut down the world, take away freedoms, bankrupt small businesses, arrest Mothers at School Board meetings, shut down Churches and arrest Pastors, choke slam teenage girls, Taser people, run over people with Horses, track people to their homes because of their Tweets, outlaw protests, steal money from crowdfunding sources, coerce or force medical procedures, use ice cream to vaccinate children without parental consent, deny parental custody for refusing to vaccinate a child who statistically has a near ZERO risk of death from a virus for those people…

    Need I go on??

    DD 🤔


    Lol, the best Medical Professionals… all of whom had their ability to make “Professional” decisions based on data for their patients removed on the threat of being cancelled and ruined.

    All of this because those in league with Big Pharma 🤑🤑🤑 decided that one man, Faucci, would make decisions. So, instead of only those being ignorant enough to visit Faucci as their personal Doctor being harmed by his insane medical opinion, we had far reaching harm on many levels of Society because of his “professional” advice.

    No second opinions or medical freedom allowed, and all the while they knowingly lied about prevention and early treatment options.


  • GrreatTeacher

    Viruses mutate. It's what they do. Selection pressure to the virus genome as people are exposed and fight the virus.

    Humans build up immunity. It's what we do. We've all been exposed to little bits of it here and there in the course of life. And vaccinated people have been exposed to more.

    And so viruses mutate to avoid detection by immune systems.

    And so people are exposed to different strains and built up new immunity.

    So, viruses mutate.

    So immune systems learn to fight it.

    So viruses mutate.

    So immune systems learn to fight it.

    So get the picture.

    It's evolution in action.

  • punkofnice

    There's a whole thing about protecting the vulnerable from the Rona, which I fully agree with.

    The obsession is with Rona, don't we do the same for other infectious/contagious nasties?

    I agree with you all, this is more political than health.

  • Lee Marsh
    Lee Marsh


    Now I wonder how many read those instructions, much less actually understand and follow them? My bet is ZERO!

    i read them and spent a lot of time not only explaining it to people but explaining how to use it correctly. Far too many people wore it loosely or pulled down under their nose.

  • LoveUniHateExams

    The obsession is with Rona, don't we do the same for other infectious/contagious nasties? - exactly.

    Take the flu. Some people are vulnerable, and they are given shots every winter.

    Everyone else just gets on with life ...

  • peacefulpete
    Everyone else just gets on with life

    As life has returned to normal in most parts of the world, (except those parts that have not successfully vaccinated their people).

  • punkofnice

    Vaccination is another subject. Does it work? does it not? Depends who you ask.

    I am pro vax for those that want and need it but also pro choice for those that don't want a Government injectable in their body.

    I've had my 3 shots. I remain highly sceptical about the effectiveness of the vaccine.

    Again, it depends who's giving the 'science' or 'politicing' over it.

    I do not trust anything I'm told now......being a JW taught me that. Big and little powers have an agenda.

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