Things you didn't expect to like...

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  • LoveUniHateExams

    Researching - always thought I hated study and reading turns out it was just WT literature I hated studying and reading -

    Horror movies - me too!

    Got any faves?

  • sparrowdown

    Stillin - ok I admit some days I'm in salty sailor category with the expletives there is too much of a good thing I spose.

    Scartchme - you're right, dude you were never meant to be a JW - lucky you!

    Dissedby E - hey you go on or off however you like, just glad you decided to join the conversation - welcome.

    WT wizard - aw you old pagany pagan you - so cute to imagine you out there screaming "up yours Jehovah I'll worship whatever celestial body I want!!"

    Lovesuni - Oh man, I have a long list of faves of which I'll have to post sometime a recent-ish one is It Follows - modern classic im my opinion.

  • jwundubbed

    Talking to strangers. When forced to go door to door... I hated it more than anything else. Later, I was a hairdresser for 10 years and I had to learn how to talk to strangers and how to make conversation. It's actually quite enjoyable when I do it because I want to and not because I am being forced into it.

  • dubstepped

    People. I always hated people as a JW. I love people now.

  • TD

    I can't speak for myself but....

    My wife has developed a taste for the industrial metal group, Rammstein (Hence my avatar) which has surprised even me.

    As a child, she was absolutely positively forbidden to watch the horror/supernatural soap opera, Dark Shadows so she's binge-watched it lately.

  • Vidiot

    AC/DC and Metallica.

  • _Morpheus

    How could you think you wouldnt like metallica????

  • Vidiot

    Well, the Org never exactly painted metal in a positive light (I think they once called it "music to murder your parents by"), so if I liked it, I'd have had my JW peers' and family's severe disapproval.

    Looking back, the high school I went to was probably an influence, though, too; I grew up in the 80s, and went to one of the rougher ones...

    ...a lot of the leather-jacketed headbangers who listened to that stuff weren't just posers and wannabes; some of 'em were full-on psychos and killers-in-training (not an exaggeration, BTW).

    Seemed to affirm what the WTS said; hell, it probably would have scared me off that genre even without that.

    Sill liked conventional rock music, though; I wasn't a complete weirdo.

  • sparrowdown

    Jwundubbed and Dubstepped - yes, I'm amazed at how talking to people is not half as tedious or scary as it used to be when I felt obligated to push past my anxiety and talk to anyone and everyone about the troof. I used to see people in the supermarket and know who they were, where they lived and what they believed all from meeting them in FS - very awkward and cringey.

    TD and Vidiot - I too have been exploring all sorts of genres of music I never thought I would like so no judgement here it's good to broaden our horizons. TD your wife sounds like me, catching up with tv series WT would never have approved of. When I first started waking up I started binge watching American Horror Story and absolutely felt like a naughty kid in the middle of the night scared but loving every minute of it!

    PS Vidiot - love Acka Dacka (ACDC)!

  • compound complex
    compound complex

    Hey, sparrow . . .

    Speaking of expletives, it's also a grammar term (words in bold):

    Expletive Words and Phrases Definition Expletives are words or phrases that do not add any structural or grammatical meaning to the sentence. These words and phrases are often referred to as empty words, meaningless phrases, or redundant pairs because they do not add any information to the sentence.

    On point, I did a thread a while back about giving up The Fifth Dimension's "The Age of Aquarius/Let the Sun Shine In" because it made me feel pagan as I reveled in blatant idolatry. Now, I write poetry about Goddess Moon.

    Weren't original religions goddess- and earth- and cosmic-based?

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