The org tightens the noose on J.W.'s thinking.

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  • galaxie

    The circus of manipulation rolls on, my take is the org' is acutely aware they are fighting a real threat to their existence as more and more can easily research these charlatans and their history of falsehood.

  • flipper

    I swear WT leaders are sounding more like Donald Trump every day. Or is it the other way around ? In any case- WT leaders have always used the manipulation of facts, i.e. - telling lies - to promote fear within the rank & file JW's. Unfortunately it's a tactic that works all too well. We can only hope that more JW's will truly research the facts about the WT Society on the Internet and not be frightened away from the Internet by controlling, stupid, untrue rhetoric coming out of the mouths of WT Society leaders mouths

  • eewx2

    They are scared for a good reason, I think. Way back in 2002 I remember seeing the television program Dateline about the cover ups of sexual abuse among the witnesses. That planted a seed for me. I thought about it for a LONG time. I didn't leave until 2011, so it was slow going for me but it worked eventually.

  • Cold Steel
    Cold Steel

    Clyde had looked forward to his summer vacation for months. But now as he lay in his hospital bed, staring intently at the slowly rotating fan overhead, he reflected on the shark attack that had landed him there. Clyde now felt remorse at having disregarded counsel. After all, Elder Duit had urged him to remain in Pittsburgh that summer and carry on pioneering work as one of Jehovah's Christian ministers. And if he'd only taken that counsel, Clyde knew he wouldn't be faced with his present dilemma: to anger Jehovah by receiving a soul destroying blood transfusion or making Jehovah happy by refusing it.

    It weighed heavily on Clyde's mind. Inwardly he knew that obeying Jehovah was the right thing to do. He knew that while the blood transfusion would most likely save his life, selfishly availing himself of it would be wrong. Sure, his wife Clara would be burdened with raising Clyde Jr. Isabel and the twins, and caring for his mother, now suffering from dementia, but he knew that if anyone could do it, she could. He also knew she could fit another part time job into her schedule. She could even rent out part of their house if need be. After all, the federal prison on the outskirts of town had a steady stream of people leaving it, and these ex-prisoners needed places to stay.

    DISCUSSION: What decision do you think Clyde made in receiving blood? What role did Clyde's not receiving counsel play in the shark attack? After reading how God disciplined Jonah, do you think Clyde's shark attack was a coincidence? What are you doing this summer? Do you plan to go in the water?

  • steve2


    Interesting that the counsel which follows this talk admonishes doing everything but face "bad reports".

  • stuckinarut2

    "Dear brothers and sisters, when unflattering reports are made about the society, be quick to place your fingers in your ears and scream out loudly LaLaLa!"

  • sparrowdown

    I take this as a good sign. I've noticed WT only talks about "negative" issues once they have become big problems.

    They avoid talking about a problem lest they draw attention to the fact that there are indeed problems in spiritual paradise.

    So, by the time it gets to the point of actually naming a specific problem in a talk or article I'm pretty sure it's because all efforts on the part of the borg to ignore said problem have failed!

    Translation :

    Negative talk/press is having an impact on the general public and witnesses themselves.

    Publishers are being questioned in the course of their ministry and activities.

    JWs are becoming "troubled" over it, and the GB are getting pissed off about it.


    All mentally diseased apostates, keep up the good work!

    Although, that being said the cynical side of me wonders if this kind of rhetoric is to reinforce the idea that the public ministry will be dialled down and directing people online be pushed as an alternative to face to face conversations with the heathen public.

  • Spiral

    Yes, beware of "fake news" everywhere. Listen to nothing but what we tell you!

    I can remember a time, when I was small, when the JWs were encouraged to listen to the news and keep up with current events, etc., because it was all going to prove Bible prophecy.

    Now, it's hide your head in the sand. I agree with Mr. Flipper. Something is way off here!

  • Finkelstein

    Scripturaly supported the WTS is preaching false doctrines and that therefore is " The Truth "

    You cant hide behind lies and false teachings and then say well that's what you should do is lie for the sake of the organization.

    This is what the WTS GB heads have been implying and propagating.

  • Chook

    The theocratic ministry school was a sales pitch with all how to come over all obstacles to normal questions, the problem was JWs didn't know how to refute criticism and credentials of GB in the field. The internet has the gb shitting their pants , the questions coming into head office are causing major headaches. This church is going the way of all major circus's doing away with live animals and relying on their own gymnastics, Splane overlapping Let Morris is on his white horse , they are the faithful and discreet slave , who's backside is big Tony whipping. I enjoy watching the demise of this fraudulent circus .

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