Today Dr. Peter McCullough said 'conspiracy theory' (which is in the April 2024 Watchtower) is a propaganda term! 😲

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  • was a new boy
    was a new boy

    The Collapse of a Nation Takes 13 years

    'When we reach 2032, it will be also about 13 years from the entire conspiracy that began in 2019 to overthrow the United States as we have known it.'

  • slimboyfat

    I have a question for the propaganda believers.

    Are you aware that pharmaceutical companies have knowingly sold dangerous drugs to the public multiple times that has resulted in the deaths of millions of people? Search Sackler painkillers and Vioxx.

    My question is, why do you think that an industry that has a proven history of knowingly selling dangerous drugs to the public would never knowingly sell dangerous drugs to the public during the pandemic? Since it’s a matter of public record that this has happened many times before, why call it a “conspiracy theory” to point out the evidence that it has happened again?

    And do you believe the Russians blew up their own gas pipeline too?

  • slimboyfat

    I wonder what the person who downvoted me disagrees with, that pharmaceutical companies have sold dangerous drugs to make a profit in the past, or that they could have done the same thing again during the pandemic?

  • Bribie

    Its a well known fact that Big Pharma manufacture and promote dangerous medicines.

    The record that they have in regards to litigation running into billions of dollars of damages is there for all to see. But the GB ignored this or they just turned a blind eye.

  • Blotty


    With all due respect and no insult is intended:
    It well within the realms of companies to sell things just to make money (look at supermarkets) Im not denying that they would, tho they shouldn't.

    is it proven they know that the drugs are dangerous before distributing them?

    I know that underlying conditions can also make matters worse, leading to death. Vaccines have always had side effects (in the hundreds).

    I know of one instance of a vaccine or treatment where deaths are in the 6000's and that is spread all over the internet but it must be considered whether these patients had underlying conditions, known (or unknown) at the time

    I don't recall any event happening like that where I live, here it is super strict - as far as I am aware anyway, I may be wrong

    (I am not saying where I live in a public forum either - if you know Id rather it not be shared publicly)

  • slimboyfat
    is it proven they know that the drugs are dangerous before distributing them?

    Yes it has been, in a court of law, and compensation was paid, but not enough to deter them from doing it again unfortunately.

    Read about Sackler painkillers and about vioxx.

    As for whether the recent treatments were known to be harmful, it remains to be seen if the truth will come out. There are powerful interests that don’t want a proper investigation.

  • was a new boy
    was a new boy
    'conspiracy theory'

    Back on Nov. 11, 2020 Senator Ron Johnson says to stop using that word, at 1:42:43.

  • was a new boy
    was a new boy


    “I’ve been around long enough that I question everything that the government tells me,” remarked Kennedy. “And I think people who don’t question what the government tells them are not paying attention.”

    RFK Jr. Hits Back at Chris Cuomo After Being Labeled a ‘Conspiracy Theorist’

    “Tell me a theory that you think I got wrong. Show me facts.”

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