What Was/Is The Dumbest JW Belief?

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  • James Mixon
    James Mixon

    WE have and know the TRUTH....

  • smiddy

    That the Bible is the word of GOD ?

    Which Bible I ask ?

    The catholic Bible ?

    The Protestant Bible ?

    How about the Bibles of Europe .The Russian Orthodox Bible ,the Polish National Catholic Bible ,The greek Orthodox Bible,

    Fair enough some of these religions may use similar or even the same Bibles but their are differences that affect how you view the accuracies of GOD`s word as a whole.

    Its not what the Bible actually says in the written word , it`s how that word is interpretated to mean that is accepted by any religion and not what the actuall scripture actually says.

    After 2000 + years since the Bible was written /formed in its many forms.by many Christian Religions and their are volumes upon volumes of literature trying to explain what it all means ?

    And the Jehovahs Witnesses use these "scholars" where it suits them to validate their particular argument.

    The bottom line is after 2000 years their has been no GOD that has come forth and validated any "Bible" as being the one "True Christians " should put their faith in.

    And if you are really serious about studying the Bible any Bible you will come to the conclusion it is no more than texts put together by human beings with no "GOD" higher power or anything of the sort,

    Jehovahs Witnesses need to look outside the box and not just rely on WT publications because they are seriously biased.

    Get an alternate viewpoint. and weigh that up.

  • ttdtt

    Wow thats hard to pic --- THE FLOOD i guess

  • wallsofjericho

    Eternal life


    Living a trillion trillion trillion trillion trillion trillion trillion trillion trillion trillion trillion trillion years times a trillion trillion trillion trillion to the power of a trillion over and over again without end


  • James Mixon
    James Mixon

    ttdtt: JW's are not the only ones "Dumbest Belief, FLOOD". Others(religious organizations) don't talk about it, the Grand Canyon carved out by the flood is proof there was a world wide flood....The problem with JW they don't read educational books , so their teaching may be from the 1800's things like witchcraft, demons,masturbation cause blindness and there's an angel watching every move you make.


    Another unbelievable teaching that people actually believe is that Jesus returned in 1914 [invisibly] and chose the witnesses as the 'Truth'

    Don't forget 'lying for the Truth'

  • The Rebel
    The Rebel

    O.P " What is the dumbest J.W belief"

    The answer is those beliefs never read by current members.

    Supposedly all this J.W noncence started with "JESUS" who " WROTE "The finnished mystery" and the founder member of this organisation only translated it.

    So its a no-brainer, the " truth" started with a book named the " finished mystery" which was supposedly written by " JESUS" But instead of being mandatory reading a new " fuck.r" named Rutherford" wrote more books of noncence.....and now overv 100 years of "bullshit" and " bullshiters" later, we have " Geoffrey Jackson" to continue the " bullshit".

    Sadly millions of people still belief this " bullshit" ...and the irony is we have a thread that could become " minimus" longest ever thread if we make a list of W.T dumbest " bullshit"

  • zeb

    having battled through for the forth time the are you a robot. Is there a better way please....

    Most crazy wt belief? When Rutherford said he knew that Jehovah lived in the Orion constellation. Me thinks it was the 'spirits' talking through him..

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