What Was/Is The Dumbest JW Belief?

by minimus 37 Replies latest jw friends


    To me,, the dumbest among the dumbest is the belief/teaching/pipedream is people think that they will not die.


  • daringhart13

    I still get amused at their belief in "Universal Sovereignty"

    How many here would watch their children brutally raped, sodomized and killed...over, and over and over and over........century by century ..... watching your child scream out to you in terror, begging you to save them ..... because a bully moved into the neighborhood and challenged your manhood? You wanted to prove to the neighbors that the bully was wrong.....so you pull up a chair and watch as he has his ways with your minor children? You in fact give him permission to do it..... just to prove your 'name.'

    Stupidity doesn't even capture this one.......

  • jambon1

    That there's a god who knows the thoughts and actions of 6.5 billion people.

  • LoveUniHateExams
    What Was/Is The Dumbest JW Belief? - dunno but we're spoilt for choice!
  • pale.emperor

    God, i could be here all day... but i'd say the most bizarre right now is that of all the people in all the earth, Jehovah God chose seven men in New York to be his mouthpeice on earth... and THIS is one of them.

  • joe134cd

    Cedar point Ohio. I remember doing an eye roll to that one even when I was a fully PIMI JW.

  • tiki

    Smurfs have demonic abilities....possessed toys scooting down kingdom hall aisles

    For doctrine.....where to begin. Overlapping generations trying to cover up the 1914 thing is pretty bizarre....but just that the current gov body have the one and only hotline to heaven....amazing...

  • minimus

    How about getting rid of all pagan days of the week and months of the year?? I honestly didn't believe the JWs ever did that until I researched it and saw it myself!🤓

  • pixel

    God lives in the Pleiades.

  • tepidpoultry

    Don't quote me but I believe I read that Vaccinations can lead to demonic possession!


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