Here We Go...AGAIN!

by FedUpJW 15 Replies latest watchtower beliefs

  • ShirleyW

    Interesting how the Dubs believe in the scripture that says no man knows the day nor hour, or the one that says a day to the Lord is like a thousand days or whatever, but they still claim everyday that the end is near.

    Anyway, as those here that can somehow sit through that drivel every year have reported that the days of people standing up and wrapped around the walls for the memorial are basically over. I wonder though if some Congs still rent out school gymnasiums like I heard they did back in the day to handle the massive crowds, I guess only if they now combine a few congs at one time for the memorial

  • blondie

    Shirley W, they even downsized KHs in my area that had been built to accommodate 250 people in general for memorials. There were too many chairs and blank areas clearly evident after 1975.

  • snakeface

    They were saying that in the 1980's. "This could be our last Memorial" and "This could be our last Circuit Assembly" and so on. They were saying "We are so close to The End."

  • steve2

    Meanwhile, as JWs were saying this could be the last Memorial, Jehovah was observed doing an eye-roll.

  • Phizzy

    That word "imminent" was getting the gullible J.W's excited over a decade ago. Baseless propaganda to bolster equally baseless hopes.

    But, it never seems to phase the brain dead and mind-controlled J.W's, they just love chasing that carrot on a stick.


  • blondie

    Also just around the corner, on the threshold.

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