Britain Branch Relocation - Chelmsford, Essex

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  • Phizzy

    Being an old car scrapyard there must be plenty of contamination, old discarded Catalytic Convertors, with the valuable metals removed no doubt, Oil deposits, etc etc.

    But once you start cleaning that lot up you often come across natural contamination, a seam of arsenic infected soil or subsoil for example, and this too must be eradicated at huge expense.

    Maybe this is why conventional Developers were not falling over themselves to buy this Site.

    Still, Jehoober is guiding the Org. is He not ?

  • BluesBrother

    Rebel's point about Mill Hill being a better long term asset sounds right. The way it was explained to me by an insider ,at the beginning was that they had outgrown Mill Hill and they were having to bus in Bethelites daily from various locations,taking time and money - and they wanted a new state of the art building to meet 21st century needs.

    Of course, since then the project has been cut back with less staff needing accommodation . Do they still need it in the reviewed Branch set up?

    My take on the video.... It is a tad presumptuous to draw a parallel between this office /warehouse and the Holy Temple in Jerusalem !

    (or do they view it as their temple?)

  • StephaneLaliberte

    So, David wanted to build a temple, for there was none to his God. They have hundreds of thousands of various Kingdom Halls, convention halls, hotels, storage facilities, etc and they are comparing themselves with David?? David who, by the way, did not even built the temple after all??

    How in the world can they keep a streight face while telling people to work there for free when

    1) they literally made billions from selling NY properties, and other properties around the world,

    2) They emptied the bank accounts of all the congregations around the world

    3) They downsized their betel workforce

    4) They downsized their special pioneers arrangement

    5) They downsized their budget in printing less and less publications

    And they still have the boldness to look straight into the camera and pressure low income family man to give up their vacations to work on their project.

    I almost regret not being a JW anymore as I would be vocal about this. I don't think they would actually disfellowship someone asking these questions. As long as it is not contradictory.

  • Xanthippe

    They're seriously expecting skilled men like joiners to spend a month there free of charge. How the heck can anyone in this economic climate who has a mortgage to pay and a family to feed afford to lose a month's wages?

    No wonder the volunteer applications are only trickling in.

  • ab.ortega

    They're seriously expecting skilled men like joiners to spend a month there free of charge. How the heck can anyone in this economic climate who has a mortgage to pay and a family to feed afford to lose a month's wages?

    Exactly, who the heck would do that. I wasted a week of vacation time for a dumb theocratic school which I did not benefit from at all. What a WASTE!

  • wifibandit

    Recently it was announced there will definitely not be a press at Chelmsford.

  • pepperheart

    stephane could it be that headquaters knows how many court cases they might be getting these next few years.On this website these past weeks they were telling you about a court case in leicester where the watchtower finished up having to pay £1 million pounds in court costs.

  • StephaneLaliberte

    Pepperheart: That’s one thing I seriously don’t understand. Knowing about the court cases that are coming their way, the logical path would not be to centralize so much assets into one bulk of buildings as they did in Warwick and are about to do in England. The obvious, intelligent thing would be to create various charities where each of them would own different buildings that the watchtower would lease.

    Or, they could have relocated into another country than the US, England or Australia.

    But, good for us, they haven’t done that.

    When those cases come down on them, they will have to pay up or their bethel will be seized.

  • Slidin Fast
    Slidin Fast
    His accent sounds a bit like Jack Barr.

    The main speaker, Peter Bell, has a Great Yarmouth, Norfolk accent. He is not known for his humility or lack of ambition.

    Have you ever seen a more dead eyed, company man delivery?

  • pepperheart


    it gets better than that, i think that when they start geting the BIG court costs in rather than sell bethel they will start to sell local kingdom halls off first and there are 3 reasons for this

    1any group would rather sell local branches off than their headquaters.

    2 they know that most people only know about kingdom halls in their local area,so if they sold a kingdom hall 200 miles from you,how would you know about it

    3 The people in charge live at bethel and i dont think they will be to quick to give up their cushy lives to keep kingdom hall going

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