Britain Branch Relocation - Chelmsford, Essex

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  • wifibandit
  • pepperheart

    Oh dear i dont think there will be as many people out on the carts in the uk these next few years LOL

  • wizzstick
  • alanv

    All this because they are too mean to use professionals that receive a salary. They will make a fortune from Mill Hill, but are unwilling to give that money away.

    Also can you believe they said ''let Jehovah decide'' This has nothing whatsoever to do with God, rather to do with an org that is downsizing and moving to a cheaper area.

  • slimboyfat

    His accent sounds a bit like Jack Barr. Did they at any point explain why they need to do this relocation? In the past new branches were sold as necessary expansions to increase capacity. What's the rationale for this? It seems like a lot of activity for activity's sake, and collecting donations.

  • The Searcher
    The Searcher

    The video for "Free Labour", to be followed shortly by the sequel, "Donate More Cash for the New Branch" - because all of the money raked in from Worldwide Work contributions, congregation's monthly excess-cash donations, Kingdom Hall sell-offs, various Branch sell-offs, $1.25 billion from Brooklyn property sell-offs, and the unknown mi££ion$ which the London properties will accrue, will not be enough to finance the construction of a wonderful new house of God on toxic land in Essex, England!

    Dig deeper into your wallets, suckers.

  • The Rebel
    The Rebel

    Never work with idiots and W.T accountants and lawyers are not idiots. Property prices double every 10 years. So selling property in Mill Hill where property prices are high ( Mill Hill is 10 minutes by train from London) and relocating to Chelmsford in Essex where property proses are less high, is ridiculousness, unless ....I would love to know the answer.

  • bemused

    Even if you are not a big earner, a month's wages lost plus travel and other costs could amount to £1000. This is a big donation for someone struggling to make ends meet. Don't the rank and file wonder why the proceeds of the sale of the London properties can't fund the build?

    Also, if workers are coming and going every month, then it's going to be a logistical nightmare for the project managers adding years to the build time.

  • Da.Furious

    Interesting thing about the video is the brothers in the video wearing a hat or hiviz with branding. The logo is BRD. Based on my experience bethelites or LDC volunteers are not allowed to wear any branding or logos on their clothes, expect for the printed on the hats or shirts!

    So who are BRD? and why they are being promoted on this video? The email in contacting the project office is

  • The Searcher

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