In Your Opinion Do Today's Elders Recognize That The Religion Is BS?

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  • minimus

    James Jack what a great experience. Hang in there my friend it is well worth it

  • minimus

    You have to wonder if you see a body of elders and ministerial servants how many presently I'm not 100% true believers?

  • Magnum

    "Do today's elders recognize that the religion is BS?"

    No, not in my opinion. Most of the ones I know are not, as alanv said, very bright. It takes a certain amount of intelligence with a good dose of honesty and some courage to recognize TTATT. Most elders I know are lacking in those areas.

    Many of the ones in my area are extremely gullible. I think they realize that there's a lot that they don't understand, but they assume it's their own fault; they assume that "the brothers" (the higher-ups - CO's, bethel heavies, GB) have the answers and are experts.

    It's kind of like the situation that exists sometimes during, for example, Watchtower studies. There will be a paragraph that doesn't make sense or doesn't seem right. There will be individuals who don't understand such paragraphs or recognize that something's wrong. However, they assume that the fault is their own lack of knowledge and/or comprehension; the problem can't be with "the Society's publications". They assume that others understand the point and see nothing wrong. However, the fault is with the paragraph; it is wrong or doesn't make sense.

  • minimus

    A few months back I mentioned hear that an elder that I knew from 20 years ago Saw me in a restaurant. ... He was the first elder I really talked to about "the truth". I definitely enjoy talking to him because he was so stupid. I had fun with him.

  • tor1500


    Elders have power and power is sexy. Two things that males like power and sex...that's how they are wired. So this is not a sexist are completely wired differently than women...What man wouldn't want to be a part of a org. where there are tons of of them may be your wife, but you get to cast your eyes on tons of women and not get in trouble, you get to talk to women and not get in trouble....Men are visual...

    So all that to say this, many of the elders may see it but why give up bossing females around (ever since the women's lib, they can't boss us around no more)....checking out a bunch of chicks, some even better looking and acting than you wife. As many have said many of the elders have certain types of jobs to be able to serve, so they are more recognized in the hall. All that sex, power and women...BS or not, some are staying... they always saying to reach out for more men...the only way more men will come in is if Women bring them in, and if we do, they gonna want to date are not going to bring in other men into the org....why? because that's competition....all this power and women, they ain't sharing it.

    We have nice elders in our congregation, don't know if they know ttatt. They seem happy but overworked. I don't really know them that well, because they are married and I'm single so I don't want to make no waves. So I just keep it to a simple hi and how do you do....sometimes I say a little more, but not much...I'm not afraid of the elders and they know that, so they tend to just be civil to me...I think they know I know ttatt....


  • Nevuela

    "Some thought they were worshiping Jehovah Jesus."

    Why did you put it like that? JWs don't worship Jesus.


    Many recognize it may be B.S. but are too FEARFUL to even consider asking that question honestly and directly for the risk of being struck down physically, figuratively and spiritually is too great. WBATS is all they have for they have forfeited everything else so they are Faint out of fear...

  • Lostandfound

    Many are too dumb to understand and appreciate how the 'new light' is just fog spewing out of the GB

    Elders are not thinkers or studious, many relying on their wives to prepare items. A few are studious with no compass, delighted now that their lives have meaning, but no purpose. The basics of the truth they have assimilated but often have no concept of any change of direction or tone in a study article, capable of answering but bot of comprehending.

    In fairness many many elders are trying to do their best and help others, using their families time to do so. How many elders families have fallen apart as a result of the absence of the elder father?

    Very few see through the fog to the BS, most are so busy, or so proud of themselves, that the cannot. And I think that some, having paid the insurance premium for decades, are afraid to confront reality and cancel their subscription to BS, dressed as it is as lifegiving. A bit like an insurance policy they are afraid to cancel it even though they doubt it's worth.

    The only way the GB can keep people in the fog is to keep them busy, especially elders, no time to think or really study, fear of questioning, fear of standing up to the COs etc.

  • tor1500

    @Lostandfound, are spot on...I know the wives are really doing the work behind the scenes...I know quite a few Elders wives...They are the ones that keep their husbands afloat....

    As you say, the org. keeps us busy so we can't question....for me, I'm not that busy...

    Most elders are company men...they tight, because if they move to the left or right, they would stumble...Notice how they strut around the hall....backs straighter than a stick...they are so proud....but that's' all they the world they are just another spoke in the wheel, but at the hall...they are top dogs...

    You are right there are some elders who try to help others but the problem is that some of the stuff the friends go to the elders for is petty bs...something they could handle themselves...if the congregation would stop all this petty BS...the elders could maybe have a minute to think...

    Someone said it must be difficult to sell a product you know doesn't work...I think most Elders know but stick their heads in the sand, but what they don't realize, you can stick your head in the sand, but your butt is still exposed...


  • Introvert 2
    Introvert 2

    tor1500 good one on insecure men geting to boss women around in the org. I must admit one of the side benefits of coming into the org ( hehe pun there ) was the possibility of finding a cute Christian wife. Didn't happen I saw the org for what it was and how far removed they are from Christ's teachings. I did NOT want to be responsible for someone else's 'spiritual' wellbeing, in other words to act out being the spiritual head of the family the way WT puts it. No thanks I just loaded up my dirt bike and rode away.

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