In Your Opinion Do Today's Elders Recognize That The Religion Is BS?

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  • minimus

    I always wondered that while I was in especially when I was an elder. I recognize that some people,elders included are brain-dead. But do you think that the average older today knows it's all nonsense? I know there are some elders that post here regularly and I'm sure they know that it's all BS but what about the others?

  • AllTimeJeff

    I think that this question illustrates that beliefs are more important than facts. My JW elder experience taught me that elders accepted their "appointment" for different reasons. Some were going to be loyal to the SS Russell/Rutherford/Knorr no matter what bearing. Others wanted to help people. Some thought they were worshiping Jehovah Jesus. Others just wanted to reach their goal....

    To me, what tests most elders are the pedophilia cases. You have to be totally bought in to support the GB bullshit on that. And yet, some sincerely believed that is what YHWH wanted. Sooo, their bullshit tolerance was clearly higher.

    I think the average elder is below average, but, having said that, it just depends if you are looking for the nonsense. If you aren't, you won't see it. If you are willing to be honest to even a small extent, you can see it. I have no idea to tell who sees what or how they interpret it.

    My gut tells me that if you're a youngish elder, there is a fair amount of ego involved. If you're older, there is a fair amount of time involved. For both, a certain amount of nonsense would likely be tolerated...

  • minimus

    Great 👍 response

  • Finkelstein

    I think the avenge Elder is just in a state of conscious delusion, proportionately mentally coerced to enforce their designated level of responsibilities and postilion of the organization .

    Power is an appealing elixir to their personality and identity of themselves so some really like being elders men in suits with power . yes sign me up

  • konceptual99

    I know of two brothers who were elders and are no longer because they recognise faults in the doctrine and practices. They still are (AFAIK) victims of cognitive dissonance however and remain essentially "in" because they square the circle mentally with reasoning like "go back to the fundamentals - do I believe there is a God and he has a purpose. Yes. Then the rest doesn't matter".

    I think there is a growing number of brothers like this and, yes, some of them will remain as elders and servants for some time.

  • sparrowdown

    Most of the Brother Average elders I would say are indoctrinated deceived deceivers.

    There would be some who know it's BS and there would be others who are in the various stages of doubting, waking up etc.

  • smiddy

    Sad to say that many of the Elders i have come across is that they are big fish in a little pond.

    In other words they are nobodys in the society they live in maybe even being invisible to the rest of the population.

    Becoming an Elder in the JW religion they are suddenly looked upon as somebody who has to be respected and looked up to Where their ego gets a big boost.

    once they have tasted that adoration and that is what it is by many it becomes very hard to give it up and be a nobody again and many just cant do that.going from a somebody back to being a nobody .

    Not to be overlooked is the pressure from an Elderette who does not want to lose her position in being an Elders wife .

  • James Mixon
    James Mixon

    Yes the elders wives in many cases is the driving force, the Elderette is a powerful force....

  • zeb

    the sincere who deny their doubts, those driven by elderette, those out of life habit, and some who are fanatics.

    and a fanatic is someone who can not change their mind and will not change their conversation..

  • alanv

    Many of the elders I know are not very bright and have not accomplished much in their private lives. So when they get to become an elder it makes them feel important and they get some prominence which they would never have got without becoming an elder.

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